12 MarFun week: Bookfair, Openhouse, Sweetheart dance, and more

Tuesday was Ivy’s book fair and Thursday was Leia’s. They asked mommy to come to them … these girls are not dumb they got more books when mommy came but had to sign a contract to read without complaining. Mommy also surprised them at lunch on their book fair day 🙂 

Mimi spent the night Tuesday to help get the girls to school since Lisa’s boss moved a 7:30 meeting and there was no way to get the girls to school and make it to the meeting

Daddy played with his new toy when he got home from his trip and made something for both girlies

Love that they have a two single beds so the girls have their own space yet our girlies like being close so both girls get on the bottom bed together to sleep … these moments make our hearts melt. Love our girls and the love they share

Ivy wanted to help Mr Steve and his crew when they dug deep holes for foundations with the storms predicted to roll in over the weekend and always up for helping go up  in the attic to turn off the lights 
Ivy enjoyed playing on Steve’s trailer

We planned a busy Saturday: ice skating, picking up corsages for dance, makeup piano lesson, birthday party, and girls going to dance with Chris while Lisa went to dinner with Mimi. Only issue was chris woke up in middle of night sick and started running a high fever so girls dance was in jeopardy. Mommy texted Grandpa and Deedee so they came over for Grandpa to take the girls to the Sweetheart dance and dinner at Firebirds. 

Deedee, Mimi and Lisa got a nice dinner out too while Chris stayed home and slept his fever away

Sunday we all celebrated Chris and Lisa’s birthday over brunch and the yummiest carrot cake ever that Deedee made for our birthday celebration. 
We did not let Chris help blow out the candles since he had been running a fever

We got to meet the newest addition to the family, Mrs Kavanaugh Leighanna born March 12th

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