01 MarChris’s Birthday (2019)

Chris’s birthday actually fell on his AWS day so he got a off day as a gift from work except the silly man forgot about it and scheduled a vendor to come in for the whole week so he went into work. At least, he did leave at lunch though so Lisa and Chris got to go to have a nice relaxing birthday lunch at Perry’s before Chris headed to the movies and Lisa went to Bible Club with our girlies and 200 something of their school friends. Mimi joined us that evening to celebrate Chris’s day. Chris had requested for his birthday not to make any decisions so Lisa made all the decisions. We cooked in one of Chris’s favorite meals, Korean Beef and made cream cheese squares that is a rare treat Chris likes, got a ice cream pie, and finally let him open gifts. It was not the full day celebration that Lisa had planned with work, school, and bible club but Chris said he had a good birthday and enjoyed it which is what all his girlies wanted for him on his special day. 

 Enjoyed Chris’s birthday lunch at Perry’s

Lisa took Ivy to a classmates and Mimi took Leia home where she and daddy were going to build her robot set she got for Christmas

The only thing was when mommy got home daddy seemed to be doing it himself and even when Ivy asked to help he declined …. next time we need to get two sets 😉 

We cooked in one of Chris’s favorites, Korean Beef

Birthday treats are always great … ice cream pie and cream-cheese squares

Notice Mimi in the mirror …. she kept volunteering to take pictures instead of being in them

Present time
Ivy enjoyed the boxes Chris’s 3D printer came in

Leia made last minute edits to her card before giving it to Chris
We managed to get a picture with Mimi in it before she headed home too     

The rest of the weekend mommy ran the girls to all their events (ice skating, cookie booth, International Tea for Girl Scouts, volleyball, etc) so daddy could work on school
Leia went to a sweet friends house so Ivy had a friend over to our house for a fun Sunday playdate

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