17 JanBack to school routine in 2019

It did not take long for us to get back in the school routine after it started back. Chris took the girls on his way to the airport their first day back since he was traveling for most of that week. The girls liked sleeping in daddy’s spot while he was gone. Lisa got to go have lunch with the girlies Tuesday that week. Leia also lost another tooth (January 8th); she said it was her 14th tooth to loose but mommy/daddy lost count. Then we ended the week having sweet neighbors over for a little dinner and game night fun. Then that weekend the girls got to start iceskating lessons. They skated for an hour and fifteen minutes then when we got home wanted to eat and rest. The Rhoads and Mimi came over that evening for dinner and family fellowship. It was a great first week back to school. 

First surprise lunch with Ivy in 2019. She had us sit at the guest bar instead of table and loved sitting in the high chairs

Of course mommy stayed to surprise Leia too. Leia let us sit at one of the guest tables. Loved getting to join them for lunch, our conversations, and the laughter we shared; so blessed  
We Facetime daddy and show him he lost his spot in bed since he was out of town 😉
Leia lost another tooth; soon she is not going to have any baby teeth left

These two are angels 

Friday night game night with neighbors. Our girlies enjoyed getting to feed and hold the littlest guest 
Girls were ready for their first iceskating lesson and did a great job. There were more people than we thought would be there but it was big fun

Morning snuggles are so so sweet. Love these mornings and special time with our girls!
Does mommy’s heart good when she arrives at aftercare and our sweet girls are choosing to play together there too just like at home. Then they come home and continue to use their imaginations playing beach and camp out. Such a special bond they share! 

The girls love doing things together but still loves some one-on-one time is good for each of them to have too. Lisa has been intentional on trying to have a little each week. There are weeks that is is hard to squeeze it in but we normally try to get at least an hour or two in every week weather it is early Saturday morning while sister and daddy sleeps in and we get to enjoy time on the couch together or while sister is gone to a solo activity. This week Leia and mommy squeezed in a little one on one while Ivy went to gymnastics Monday evening and daddy did pick up. We sipped hot chocolate/coffee and enjoyed a sweet treat while we talked, made up silly songs, and laughed together, then we snuggled on the couch and watched a quick show on Netflix before daddy and sister got home with dinner. Leia got to plan the time since when we have one on one mommy tries to let them pick whatever they want and mommy simply enjoys being with them. Ivy got a little one on one with mommy while Leia was at drama and choir Wednesday evening since uncle Mark volunteered to bring Leia home since daddy was traveling. Our time was spent differently from time with Leia. Ivy chose for us to have a dance party, do yoga, and craft. No pictures were taken during either of these times since mommy tries to ‘unplug’ thus texts don’t get answered and we just get to be in the moment with each other. I hope they remember these times and enjoy them as much as I do. I hope they know daddy and mommy loves each of them each uniquely. The days can sometimes be long but the years are short; praying we all ceases each day we have together and not take it for granted.


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