06 JanNew Years Day to first day back to School

We all stayed up to ring in the New Year for the first time since the Leia had been born. Of course, Lisa also likes to have the house cleaned before the 1st so she did not fall asleep until little after 2:30am and Leia insist on waking up early no matter what time she goes to be. Hence, we were all exhausted on the 1st but enjoyed lounging around the house that morning and the girls had fun playing with our neighbor, AlexAnn. Mommy was  thankful Mimi cooked the traditional, southern New Year’s Day lunch with greens and peas. We enjoyed hanging out that afternoon with Mimi and the Rhoads that afternoon. Lisa channeled her inner child, playing pool and foosball with the kids in the basement while the other adults watched football and chilled after late night. Lisa and Chris hung out until dinner time then headed home to get to bed early while the girlies stayed with Mimi since mommy and daddy both had to go back to work on the 2nd. 

The girls had a friend over
Enjoyed seeing some of my favorite girls on New Years Day 

Lisa laughed out loud watching Katie drink buttermilk! It was totally Katie’s idea and she insisted even though aunt Lisa said I would not drink it

She did not like it
Fun in Mimi’s basement

The girlies had a fun day on the 2nd with Mimi! Mommy and daddy’s day was not as fun but productive at work. Leia and Ivy loved planning their whole day. They started it off getting donuts (I guess they did not have a new years resolution to eat better) then played at Mimi’s house for a little bit before requesting to go to the movies to see Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet. After the movie they picked up Sara and Katie for some fun at Let’s Play. Mommy met them there after work and got to hang out with Mimi and visit while the girls played before we were ready to call it a wrap and head home to see daddy, have dinner, and enjoy a family night at home. 

Morning snuggles and playtime in the basement

Movie time
Cousin fun at Let’s Play 

Lisa is thankful to be part time and get to be off with the girlies the last part of their winter break. Thursday, the girlies went with with mommy to Stretch Zone then headed to Mimi’s for lunch and couple hours of fun before we ended up going to Costco to exchange shelves for Mimi. Ivy went back to Mimi’s for her one-on-one night while Lisa and Leia headed home. Chris got home not too long after us then we headed to dinner for our date night before heading home for a movie night and play time with the Flarp she had gotten when she spent the night with Mimi.     

Fun at Mimi’s

Ivy got a one-on-one date with Mimi
Ivy did Mimi’s hair a lot

Had fun shopping with some of her giftcards
 she got for Christmas

She bought a Baby Alive and had fun making it pee

One-on-two date night with Leia

We facetimed Ivy and had a little fun with slime

Friday, we finally got to go see Mary Poppins with mimi, Sara, Katie, and Stacy that we had been trying to go to since it came out but it had been sold out with all the rainy, wet weather we have been having over the break. All the girlies gave it a thumbs up. As soon as the movie was over we headed home to get Chris and go to Newnan to see Grandpa and Deedee for Grandpa’s 71st birthday. We met them at Longhorn for dinner then headed back to their house for icecream cake to celebrate. 

 The girlies immediantly headed upstairs to play

Of course they were willing to come down for present and cake time

We all slept in Saturday for Grandpa’s birthday. When Deedee came upstairs Lisa had just walked into the girlies room to see what they were doing and climbed in the bed with them for morning snuggles as they finished a show. Deedee said that Grandpa wanted to cook breakfast on his birthday so we all headed downstairs to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday and enjoy a yummy breakfast together. The girlies wanted to go paint pictures at Bubbles and Brushes so Deedee and Lisa went with them there to show their artistic side. After they finished their painting Grandpa had asked them about going to the arcade for a little fun. Thankful that Leia hit the jackpot on one game so they had 2,598 tickets to share and ended up getting a big monkey, nerf gun to shoot Grandpa, and nerds. We visited a little bit after we got back to Grandpa and Deedee’s house then headed home on our long drive (we got stuck in a little bit of traffic). We were thankful we had grabbed lunch and had a restroom break before we hit the traffic. Once we got home no one really wanted to get back in the car so we fixed dinner at home and had a chill night.  

Deedee and Mommy went with the girlies to Bubbles and Brushes  

Grandpa joined us at the arcade

Leia was excited to tell Chris about the arcade

Sunday was the last morning to sleep in for the girls Christmas break but we did not take advantage of it like we should but we did enjoy the morning. Throughout the day no camera was pulled out to take a quick picture as we just enjoyed the day. We snuggled, lounged, enjoyed breakfast together, and played before going to church then headed to Mimi’s afterwards for lunch and to enjoy the sunshine. The girls zoomed around on the rockers for a little bit before deciding to go relax in the spare room (aka, watch TV and lay on the bed). We headed home that afternoon and opted for a no hassle dinner and ordered pizza so we could chill out for the evening before the girls headed back to school and we were back on our normal daily routine. 

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