09 NovMimi’s 64th Birthday

Thankful to get to spend the day celebrating Mimi’s 64th birthday with her. Mimi woke up happy birthday messages from friends and family and enjoyed getting well wishes throughout the day. Lisa headed out to Gardendale to pick the birthday girl up after dropping Leia and Ivy Lisa at school then we headed to pick aunt Stacy up for a mother-daughter day of fun. We spent most of the day shopping to get ahead on Christmas shopping and simply enjoying time together. We took a break from shopping to enjoy a nice lunch at Perry’s where MiMi’s longtime friend Lynn and Jamie joined us for some sweet fellowship. As Mimi’s grand-girls school day was ending we headed back to Lisa’s for the girlies to join us celebrating Mimi’s special day. We spent the rest of the day celebrating our Mimi spending time together. We hope your day was as special as you are Mimi!

family matriarch, one of the most generous, thoughtful, strongest, and loving woman we know.

Mimi starting off the day with her baby girls
Stacy, who should hold up the 6 and who should hold up the 4 


 Back home and Chris was suppose to be taking pictures of the birthday girl but …
Love him and his sense of humor 
Photo ops with our birthday girl

The whole crew to celebrate


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Mimi happy birthday to you

Warming up while waiting on everyone to get to the white rug for present time

Homemade cards are the best but the best present was the time we spent together 
Mimi surprised the girlies with a present on her birthday; she has a extremely generous spirit

Selfie time
Ivy showing off her shirt from Mimi: “A family who celebrates together … has fun together”
Blessed to spend the day with our birthday girl and family

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