04 NovDeck the halls …. Christmas is coming

We decked the halls a little earlier than normal this year with the busy November we have planned. The Comfort girls all picked their favorite ornament to hang first, turned on Christmas music, and added Christmas cheer to our home. Chris had headed downstairs to do a couple things as we started our decorating party but sweet Leia saved Chris a couple ornaments to hang so he could join in the decorating party. Thankful we all will enjoy the decorations a little longer this year and hopefully a little extra family time. 

After a long day decorating our girls look like sweet angels sleeping even if they are upside down or sideways in the bed 

These nights of them in the same room seem to be fewer and farther between but I love watching over our sweet little angels sleep, praying for their futures and happiness. Chris laughs as the number of pictures Lisa has of our sweet girls sleeping but it is such a sweet moment watching them and want to capture each one to remember forever. 

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