15 NovVeterans Day Weekend and week before Thanksgiving

We are so blessed to live in a country where brave men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice to give us freedom for all. This weekend was a time to thank our veterans that returned home. The girls also enjoyed a extra day off school in honor of Veterans Day. Lisa and Chris had to work Monday morning but Mimi was happy to volunteer for the girls to spend the night. We enjoyed the whole week together as we prepped to leave for our cruise to celebrate Deedee’s 70th birthday over Thanksgiving break. 

It is finally cool enough for the fire; we love snuggling by the fire 

Saturday, Lisa went to visit life long friends during part of the Alabama game. Thankful for these girls and our friendship. 
This child loves her picture taken and often will grab the camera for selfies; opposite of her sister that I have to sneak pictures of so many times
Leia made a sign for Chris before they went to bed on the big huge pile of pillows they made in the den. They were so excited to sleep out in the den; mommy was glad that daddy did not wake them when he left the house at 5am to play golf  

Sunday morning these two were in playful moods and liked pretending like they were asleep
Sunday the girls were super excited for baby Bailey to come down to give her the ornament we made with her when we kept her. They did not want to put the pile of pillows up until she had a chance to lay on it too. She looks like a babydoll next to our girlies

Sunday, our girls played in their second piano recital. We love listening to them play 

Group picture of the students who were able to be there for the recital

Leia and Ivy’s cheering crowd went to have dinner after their performance.
The girlies went to Mimi’s after dinner for a girls night since Lisa and Chris had to work on Veteran’s Day and the girlies were out of school. They had fun playing with some of mommy’s old mind-teaser toys. 

Leia warmed up her feet while Ivy snuggled Mimi

Monday the girls took Mimi to look at Walmart to show her toys they want for Christmas

The girlies also got to have a little fun at chuck-e-cheese
Tuesday evening Ivy went to the planetarium with her girl scout troop while Leia hung out with Mimi since daddy was traveling for work

Wednesday Leia got a play date while Ivy went to Girl Scouts event again

Thursday morning we woke up to a tiny dusting of snow but being from Alabama the girls wanted to play in it. I love how they can have big fun with anything! I hope they always have this ability and zest for life 
Thursday evening we remembered that we needed to pick up can goods for the girls school can drive
Friday mommy went to have lunch with our girlies in the old lunch room for the last time before they open the new one after we get back from our Thanksgiving cruise with Grandpa and Deedee

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