26 OctA week of fun

The girls decided to have a family fun night instead of going to carnival at Shades Mountain this year. We cooked tacos, aunt Stacy brought cookies for them to decorate, and played games. Love spending time with people we love! 

Finished products

Unfortunately, the Rhoads had to leave before game time but we still got to have some fun

Ivy decorated her pumpkin for the school pumpkin parade  

Sweet Ivy loves unicorns

The girlies had a blast at our neighbor/friend, AlexAnn’s 10th birthday party! Leia and Chris got to go out to dinner and enjoy catching up before Chris went to do school work and Lisa walked down to help Holly 

Pin the horn on the unicorn
Tattoos are always fun! Ivy was covered in them
Everyone got a sweet gift from the birthday girls momma ….  a Maltelda Jane pillow case  
Happy birthday sweet girl

Al finished his protein treatment in Texas and got to dong out of the treatment center and come back home to sweet home Alabama



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