21 OctGirls first musical at Shades Mountain Baptist Church

The girlies first performance a Shades Mountain Baptist Church was during the morning service today. Last year we went to watch Sara but Leia, Ivy, and Katie all decided to do it too this year. We arrived early for sound checks and practice where Lisa snapped a couple pictures. All seemed to be going great except when the Rhoads girls arrived we realized they were on the opposite side of the stage so we moved seats and  sat with Mimi in the middle of all the girls. As the service got closer to starting we noticed Ivy looked upset and was looking around. We thought she just did not know where we were sitting  so mommy went to let her know where we were sitting but as she approached Ivy ran to jump in her arms and said she did not want to do it. Lisa sit up front with her trying to encourage her to join her friends but she refused. After the second song she would sing from Lisa’s lap and even stood for one song. Leia on the other hand did amazing and lit up the stage. So proud of Leia and enjoyed the sweet snuggles from Ivy during the performance. 

During rehearsal
The real performance

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