14 MarNeighbor’s Birthday

We had precious neighbors who moved in during the start of Covid. Despite the fact that we all were suppose to be quarantining, Lisa though she should be neighborly and welcome them to the neighborhood. Chris did not think it was a good idea and said she should knock on a strangers door during the pandemic. Well, Lisa did not listen and took them a plate of baked goods to welcome them to the neighborhood. Fast forward, over a year later and we were all invited to their foster son Tay’s 4th birthday because turned out it is nice to quarantine with sweet neighbors. We ended up hanging out quite a bit with them and another set of neighbors during the quarantine/pandemic, it helped keep everyone sane and we all enjoy fellowshipping together. We can not remember when they did not live down the street, feels like it has been longer than it has been but we are thankful for sweet friends and neighbors a couple doors down. 

Batman Themed birthday party …Tay is turning four 

They had the biggest slide imaginable in the front yard. I wish we had a video of the girls reactions when they saw it, priceless. Our little ladies were so excited to get to go down to play on it and had a blast! 
You know the adult-kids got in on the fun when the party was over 😉

Sweet Tay gave hugs for coming to celebrate with him


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