11 NovVeteran Day

The girls were out of school for Veteran’s Day this year which fell on a Wednesday. The Talley’s took advantage of the day out and let Alex have a delayed spend the night party Tuesday evening. They did played games, ate pizza, did Christmas crafts, watched movies and more to celebrate. Lisa and Chris were invited to hang out with the parents too and ended up painting a picture too. It was loads of fun but neither of our girlies made it through the night though and called mommy to come get them a little before midnight.

Wednesday morning the girls both headed back down the street as soon as they woke up or was told they were up down the street. The girls spent half the day, Wednesday with Alex then came back home right before lunch. Ivy headed to her sweet friend, Biz for the rest of the afternoon. Leia spent her afternoon reading, watching TV, and relaxing. We had a girls dinner since Chris was at a work dinner. The 3 of us cooked breakfast for dinner together then we snuggled and had a relaxing evening.  

Cookie decorating and wish making

Love seeing them use their imaginations playing court

Our girls know what this girl likes
Thankful for a sweet group to celebrate one of our favorite neighbors

We loved having the extra day off and seeing our girl use her imagination acting like the swing was a horse, laugh, and having fun … can she stay this age, this sweet, and have a imagination like she does now, forever

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