26 JulNewnan Trip July 2020

It has been too long since we took a trip to Newnan to visit! It was the perfect weekend to go and gather with family to celebrate Grandpa and Deedee’s Golden Anniversary. We headed over Friday after work and tutoring so arrived shortly before dinner. That evening it was just the 6 of us. We ordered in from one of Leia’s favorite places, Moe’s then simply had a little time to fellowship and play with the girlies. Even though we never took a single picture it was a fantastic evening simply being together. 

Saturday, marked the day that each of us pledged our marriage vows to the love of our lives. It is still special celebrating our anniversary on the same day as each of our parents celebrate their anniversary. Our day was much like that on our wedding day. Chris and Gene went golfing that morning while the ladies did our thing then we came together in the afternoon for the rest of the evening. The day was fabulous getting to have fun and celebrate together! Plus, we remembered to snap a few pictures too. 😉

Ivy seized the moment when we arrived to the pool early to hop on a swing when she saw it.
# FirsttimeataparksinceMarch #ivylovestoswing

Always fun to see cousins! Thanks to Diego we have a few pics from the pool 🙂 

Breaking for safety break = snacking

Mommy hopped in the photo with Leia and tío Diego before leaving. It was a quick visit but sweet

Fun entertainment waiting dinner and cousins to arrive putting on the “green”

The girls loved when their cousins arrived at Grandpa and Deedee’s! So nice to have time together
#Maskoffforpictureonly #onlyinsideforaminute #theyarestillseperated 
This child keeps us guessing and laughing
  Anniversary dinner on the patio

Alicia made a beautiful cake for dessert

After dinner entertainment was commercials brought to you by the kids

Gift time for the Golden Anniversary

Deedee looked surprised 

Fun evening after dinner

One of the best gifts for their Golden Day was getting to spend the evening together

Happy Golden Anniversary! 

Sunday morning we did not do much. Grandpa went to get donuts for the girls, a tradition we have on the last day together. Unfortunately, the selection was low so he got donuts and cookies which suited them jus fine. The girls practiced their putting a little more, played upstairs, and crafted. Grandpa and Chris got in the putting action as well and even Lisa made a few shots in the can. The girls asked about doing in person math lesson so Deedee did that with them too. Before we knew it noon time rolled around so we decided to head home. We did make a quick drive by Adrian and Alicia’s house to wave bye to them too on the way out of town. 

Before heading home the girls got a quick in person math lesson from Deedee 


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