04 JulJuly 4th, 2020

Celebrating the 4th at at Mimi’s with family

Mimi is always festive

Love seeing our family

Time is precious together

Mother/daughters are friends for life

Fun time in the pool … lots of laughter and fun! 

Our family does food too

It stormed after lunch but thankful aunt Kristi had brought entertainment for the littles until it passed and everyone could get back in the pool

Our little family hung out at home with lots of morning glories and throwing poppers for evening fun while watching fireworks from afar that people all over our neighborhood was shooting throughout the night

Leia made us laugh when she went in and came out with a mask; apparently she did not like all the smoke but the mask helped 

These two went through some sparklers this 4th but they add sparkle to our family and life every day of the year!  

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