01 MarChris’s Birthday (2020)

We turned our Saturday night game night with sweet neighbors and friends into a birthday eve celebration for our birthday boy. The girls suggested going to get an ice cream cake on the way home from Mimi’s Saturday for an after dinner surprise for their daddy; of course, mommy said sure since she loves celebrations and surprises. Chris also dressed up for out dinner following a string of text between Holly and Lisa. We all had a good laugh with his suit and tie at dinner and Lisa’s yoga pants and makeup free attire. Thankful for the dress up night since it gave Chris’s girls time to hurriedly decorate for our impromptu surprise party. It was a fun night of games with friends and lots of laughter

The texts that led to …. Chris/Leia all fancy and Lisa/Ivy in workout clothes at dinner…mommy may have cried laughing so hard…Don’t tell daddy he was funny this one time 😉
Of course with our girls thinking about daddy’s bday she told the waiter he needed the birthday sombrero, LOL

this is the ‘Happy Birthday’ writing when you do it hurriedly …. not fancy but it’s there

Game night fun is being a weekend favorite 
These girls could not stand all our fun and decided to all 3 pile in the single bed to sleep instead of the queen bed. Max must have fallen off or not allowed in the bed; he was fast asleep next to the bed curled up with the stuffed animals (should have gotten his picture too)

Chris’s birthday morning was just what he wanted it to be. 🙂 We let him sleep in to the time he said to wake hime so sweet Leia gentle went in to wake her daddy up on his birthday as requested. Ivy sang happy birthday and gave him birthday snuggles at first sight. Mommy gave a kiss, smile, and happy birthday too. His breakfast choice was Waffle House but wouldn’t let us take a candle to sing. Comical was that little bit wore PJ’s under her clothes since she wanted to wear jammies there and we said no; good laugh at the breakfast table … maybe we should check next time. As soon as we got home Ivy took her top layer off so she could be comfy in PJs to help daddy open his gifts. As soon as they had finished helping the girls headed to the playroom for a little fun while daddy relaxed in his recliner the rest of the morning. 

We met Mimi and the Rhoads for lunch at Outback. After yummy cheese fries, blooming onion, and steaks we headed back to our house for some fellowship. Chris FaceTimed the Requena-Comfort’s while we were chilling out too. Next on the agenda was to sing happy birthday to our birthday boy before enjoying sweet bundt cakes. Chris and Mark got to talking over dessert and decided to head to the movies to see “Bad Boys for Life” while the ladies hung out and fellowship a little longer. When Chris got home we FaceTimed Deedee and Grandpa then fixed dinner, spent sweet family time, then it was bedtime. It felt like a quick day but we hope our birthday boy felt loved and loved his day. 

 Morning snuggles are all so sweet!

Waffle House breakfast was what our birthday boy requested

The girls ‘helped’ open his gifts. I love the excitement they have for a birthday weather it is theirs or ours

Love the sweet fellowship in the chilly weather and sweet treat to celebrate
Selfies are always interesting with this crew

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