29 FebUncle John and Aunt Joy

We all love our visits from aunt Joy and uncle John as they drive to Florida. They arrived Friday, shortly after lunch and we decided to go to Cottontails. Ivy had a birthday party that afternoon so we decided to check Leia out to join us at Cottontails while Chris studied then ran Ivy to her party. We had a great time walking around the arts and festival. Leia set the pace and seemed to have a great time trying on clothes and looking at the neat stuff they had there. Aunt Joy spoiled the girls and bought the girlies each an outfit. We headed home to fellowship with Chris and for Leia to go to her bible study in the neighborhood then headed to Firebirds for dinner. After dinner the girls put on a show for us while we all sat around talking, looking at Thomas Kinkade book, and enjoying sweet fellowship. 

Saturday morning, we were all up by 7 o’clock. We enjoyed coffee then Ivy worked on her activity book aunt Joy and uncle John had brought while Lisa cooked a big, southern breakfast. We all filled our bellies then we decided to go to Star Lake for a little walk and feed the ducks. It was a relaxing morning there! When we arrived there was only a few people around so were the only ones on the pier to feed the ducks. A couple ducks even joined us on the pier. When we were all out of food we walked around the lake. By the time we walked around the lake there was starting to get a little crowd on the pier feeding the ducks and in the park area. The girls got another quarter though to feed the ducks a little more. Right as we finished the wind started picking up so we decided to head back to the house. Joy and John left shortly after we returned so they could make it to Valdosta, GA before dark for the next leg of their journey. We told them they were welcome to come back by on the way back home after their Florida visit. Thankful for the time we had with them! 

Dinner at Firebirds

The girlies put on hooverboard, dance shows for us 

Saturday morning, Ivy enjoyed doing her activity book while mommy cooked breakfast

We headed to Star Lake to feed the ducks and get a little movement before Joy and John had to get on the road for the next stop on their trip

Thankful for this time together! 


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