07 FebThankful for our village when the week is long

It was another long week with Chris traveling and long work days. Mimi spent Sunday night so mommy could go in early in hopes that she’d get ahead of the Monday craziness. Unfortunately that did not happen. Thankful for our little village that afternoon. Lisa texted Stacy to ask her to pick the girls up. They ended up eating, doing homework, and getting baths there that night. After the crazy Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday aunt Stacy still picked up the girls but Lisa did not get off as late. We still joined the Rhoads for pizza and cheese/cracker tray Wednesday and great fellowship. Thursday morning the girls ended up with a 3 hour weather delay so we all got to have a more leisure morning although mommy worked from home. Alex Ann rode to school with us and on the way as a little happy we stopped to get a cake pop for a little morning fun. Thankful that afternoon mommy was able to pick up from baton on time and daddy got home earlier than expected. Friday morning we had a full house since Sara and Katie came for breakfast and we took them and Alex to school that morning. Chris went to lunch with the girlies as a little surprise too. That evening Mimi joined us for dinner then she and Lisa went to an auction for a school fundraiser while the girls and Chris went home for a chill night.  

Thankful for family to help out when work weeks are long and daddy is traveling

They even let Lisa eat too

Tuesday and Wednesday fun

Thursday after baton Ivy got get give her sweet teacher a big hug and play with a friend while we went to get Girl Scout cookies to sell 

Thursday morning treat after a 3 hour delay
Chris enjoyed lunch with the girls while Lisa waited on our new bed to be delivered


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