03 DecPapa’s 7th Heavenly Birthday

Papa gained his wings 7 years ago today. It seems unreal that so much life has happened since he went to his heavenly home. Then on the other hand it feels like he was here with us not too long ago. Yet when we see pictures with how much our little ones have grown it is a reminder of how long it has really been. Leia was 3 and Ivy was 1 when Papa disappeared from our pictures but never from our hearts. I praise God that we will be together again in Heaven. We still miss our Papa that supported and loved his girls with all his heart every day. His influence in our family is felt and missed every day of our lives.

Mimi had a “God Wink” the morning that marked 7 years as I’ll be Home for Christmas started playing unexpectedly on Alexa as her wake up call. There was not much said between us about Papa that day. Both Lisa and Stacy had to work but Mimi spent the day with a friend then came out to go to dinner with he family. Stacy unfortunately got caught at work and Chris did not feel 100% so there was just 7 of us that were able to gather together but we carried the love we have for each other and the memories we shared in our hearts weather we are near or far from one another. 

The last picture of Papa with Santa and our girls. I wish I could go back to that day and let hime add his voice to Leia’s build a bear and buy the professional picture. I treasure all the memories we shared more now in hindsight than I did when Papa was with us. Forgive quick and love big … you never know when God will call his child back home and you will be left with memories until you are called home too

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