21 AugSweet Lunch Dates

Sweet Ivy has been asking mommy since the first day of school to come have lunch with her. The school ask for the first week or two not to have visitors to help the kids get back into their routine but some of her friends have had guests this week so mommy told her I would try my hardest to get up there this week. Wednesday, Lisa had training downtown that was dismissed a little after 11 so she headed straight to the school to make it to lunch with her mini-me. Ivy beat Lisa’s arrival to lunch by 2 minutes but mommy heart leaped for joy hearing her gasp in excited as she walked in the lunchroom. It was fun sitting there visiting and hearing about what had happened so far during the day. Katie-bug came in about 10 minutes later but said she wanted to sit with her friends instead of with us but we still gave her the crunch bar for her surprise we brought; Katie is just a year ahead of Leia so it was a good reminder to treasure our girlies asking us to come have lunch and go frequently when asked. Leia walked in about 5 minutes after Katie and plopped down to join us. She questioned why Katie was not there then said she may want to split her lunch between us and friends which mommy nodded, smiled, and said whatever you want to do that she was welcome to go to her table instead of sitting with us now; hoping the smile and offer hid her sadness that a phase of Leia wanting mommy around could be slowly ending. Leia said no that she wanted to have some time with mommy and Ivy so the Comfort trio enjoyed the 10 minute of lunch overlapped. The girls shared their lunches and stories of the day so far. One question mommy always asks is what is the best part of the day so far, today Ivy said her best part of the day was mommy coming to lunch and Leia said it was science experiment. Ivy headed back to class which left mommy and Leia for someone on one time. Mommy told Leia if she wanted to go sit with her friends she could but she said she had changed her mind and continued chatting away then when her class lined up she jumped in with them to go back to class. Lord, I pray they both have an incredible year.      

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