18 AugVisiting Gigi and our Newnan Family in GA

The girls were super excited to get checked out the first full week of school to go to Newnan to visit Gigi and the rest of our family there. The drive over seemed to be quick since we made it without any pitstops; Chris had to be shocked. Grandpa, Deedee and Gigi greeted us are we arrived then the girls were off to play while the adults got to visit a little bit. Kelly brought the kids over a little later then we ran to Target to get slime supplies while Leia stayed to play basketball with Adrian. Grandpa and Deedee fixed dinner for everyone then afterwards the kids started making their slime. It was the first time Lisa had every been around slime making. It was not as messy as she thought it would be but we still have a strict rule not to take it out of the container near carpet. Once we were done with slime the kids went with Grandpa and Deedee frog hunting; shocked Leia and Ivy went but even more shocked Ivy caught one. After a fun evening it was time for baths and bed after the first full week of school.  

Our girlies were glad to be out of the car and ready for some fun

Aunt Kelly always has fun ideas so we made slime. First time for Lisa to do it. 

Just visiting

The kids went frog hunting and this little angel caught her very first frog 

Saturday was a day packed with fun! Good thing we got a yummy breakfast to give us energy for the day ahead. We played at the house for a little bit and the girls got to paint cool pottery with Deedee in her craft room before she went to pick up Alicia to go to Bubbles and Brushes. Gigi and Lisa joined them later to see the master pieces they were creating. Then we picked Chris back up to meet up with Kelly and Diego for lunch and coffee at their house while the kids went to Sky Zone with Grandpa and Deedee. We were told Leia was great at dodging balls in the dodge ball game but we might need to work on the throwing but she was the champion in a few games. After their time was up we met back up at the house. The kids enjoyed time outside even though it was a hot afternoon once most the yard was shaded. Kelly picked up Adrian and Alicia about 7:30 then our girls got baths for us to head home but before we left we all enjoyed a taste ice cream treat together.  Thankful for a fun time with our family! 

Food and fellowship a great way to start the day
Deedee let the girlies paint pottery that she had gotten from Dawn’s aunt Barbara

Then Deedee took them to one of their favorite spots, Bubbles and Brushes for them to create another master piece

Chris and Lisa got to hang out with Gigi, Kelly, and Diego while Grandpa and Deedee took the 4 grandkids to Sky Zone

When we all got back to Grandpa and Deedee’s house the kids were back outside catching butterflies and playing basketball

Ice Cream treat before heading home

Sunday, we woke up to go to church then to the pet store before heading home to relax and do homework before we picked up a friend for each of the girls to take swimming at Mimi’s pool. We were about 25 minutes later getting back than what we had told their parents but the kids all were having so much fun it was hard to pull them away. Thankful for a fun weekend and the sweet memories made. 

After church we went to get Buddy more food and Ivy got to hold a bunny for the “very first time in her whole life”

Fun times in the pool with friends. Can you tell which two asked for their picture to be taken

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