23 MayLast Week of School

It has been a great year for both Leia and Ivy! They have both grown so much and loved their teachers and had such sweet classmates. The last week is a week of school was no work and all fun. They enjoyed the “May Day Under construction”, class parties, early checkouts and skip day. 

The girls both had a great time at “May Day Play Day Under Construction”. Mommy normally goes but had things she couldn’t get out of this year so missed the fun. Thankful to see a picture of Ivy’s class having fun. 

Leia’s class enjoyed watching eggs hatch and playing with sweet little chicks

Leia went home with Grayson to swim so mommy let Ivy pick a friend for  

Love these two girls so much!!

Pretty rainbow to remind us of God’s promises to us

Mommy got to go to Leia’s end of the year party 
So thankful to get to watch this beauty grow up

What a sweet group of friends and classmates

This silly girl wouldn’t let me get a pic of her under the sign on one of of several spares for the day

3rd Grade Class of 2019

Ivy’s class had a sundae party then the girls were checked out to go shopping  then skipped the last day

Ivy loves Buddy and had to see him before we went shopping. 

Fun day swimming on the last day of school

Then when we got home water balloon fun with neighbors and dinner to welcome in summer 


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