06 MayWeekend Fun – May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you … Leia has been celebrating this since she was little bitty. Had to throw a flash back in the post since it popped up on Facebook. I do think our Leia buns have gotten better over time

Leia played her last volleyball game for this season. Afterwards mommy took them to a ice skating lesson then we chilled out at home for a little bit before going back to the rink for a friends bday party that afternoon

Saturday evening was snuggles, laughter and sweet family time

Sunday Chris finally took Leia to the fair while Lisa and Ivy went to see Mimi. Of course we said yes when Ivy asked to bake a cookie cake 

We also went to see Papa’s grave since it was decoration Sunday. How he would love playing with his grand-girls! He is missed so much everyday 

She loves taking some selfies and texting them to daddy
Of course she may have gotten it from her daddy. Mommy said get some pictures at the fair and this is all we got …. selfies and a picture of Leia’s hurt leg getting off a ride which prompted a visit to the first aide tent and Leia deciding she was done at the fair for the day

Monday was like Christmas morning at our house. After living with a muddy mess somewhere in the yard for a couple months we got the last of the concrete poured.  We have a driveway again and concrete under the porch. With each concrete pour we let the girls make a permanent mark. Today the girls chose footprints on a step down to the back yard. We are going to have so much fun riding bikes and playing on all the cement we added. 

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