02 MayIvy’s Mental Health Day

We had thought about giving the girls a mental health day out of school before the end of the year so they had some special one on one time but Ivy showed she needed it before we could even tell them about it. The school nurse called at 8:10 that Ivy was in her office with a tummy ache. Turned out once we got home her tummy ache was magically cured and she had lots of energy to play so we turned her sick day into a mental health day where Ivy got to call all the shots. Her picks after chilling on the couch was to go to Chuckecheese, Newks for lunch, Pet Store to browse, and to play outside at aunt Stacy’s house since we had workers at our house. Ivy said it was a awesome day. She seemed refreshed and re-energized for school the next day and mommy loved spending some special time with sweet Ivy. 

Selfies/playing in the car waiting on Chuckecheese to open. Ivy loved playing paper, rock, scissors to entertain us while we waited

It was awesome being two of four people playing! She ended up with over 800 tickets

Ivy loves going to Newks for the breadsticks and parmesan cheese but we have been burnt out but since se was calling the shots that is where we went for lunch; she was all smiles

Next on her agenda was the pet store to look at the animals and a added bonus was Ivy was able to hold several animals at the pet store
Playing at aunt Stacy’s then back in the car to get sissy at the bus

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