23 AprSeason of life

This season in life is one of the sweetest! Mommy is treasuring this season!! Sweet Ivy woke up with a nightmare in the wee morning hours and came to tell mommy so of course mommy moved over so she could climb in to snuggle and be comforted. She drifted off to sleep wrapped up in mommy’s arms for the next 6 hours of peaceful sleep. Mommy woke up the next morning before little Ivy and thought about how blessed we are to have this season in life. Our girls are growing so fast and these moments of them coming to get comforted and needing us to help them are fewer and farther between. Several friends have older kids and we have been hearing how they miss these simple moments. Hearing them talk about that makes me treasure these moments even more. Thankful for the opportunity to watch our baby girls grow, have them in our house everyday, hear their laughter, talk to them, see what they are wearing, and doing daily life with them. How much these simple moments and things will be missed as they continue to grow and eventually go off to school, move out, and start families of their own. Enjoying this season in life now and trying to live in the moment. 

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