21 AprEaster 2019

Easter does not get as much fan-fare as Christmas, we barely even decorated this year with the construction and craziness of life but we rejoiced on Easter morning that we can say HE IS ALIVE. Easter has became one of my favorite holidays because of what we get to celebrate. So thankful for God’s faithfulness and love that he sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins that we may live. Thank you God for your love! Thank you Jesus for being obedient to your Father, showing us mercy and love, and creating a way for us to live eternally in Paradise!  We will get to celebrate with Jesus when God calls us home. I pray that each person in our house, all our family and friends will get to hear the sweet words, well done my good and faithful servant when we stand before Him. Happy Easter! 

The Easter Bunny was generous to our girls

They even got a fun early morning egg hunt

Breakfast with our little bitty family

Church with Mimi

Surprises for all 

Papa’s tree … how we miss him but all so thankful for Easter morning, knowing that because of Jesus’s love for us we will be reunited for eternity

The rest of the family arrived; blessed we all live close to each other

Egg hunt fun at Mimi’s 

We got to hid eggs again at home a few times before bed time

Ivy told mommy that she missed our tradition of pancakes in fun shapes at Easter so mommy made a special make up pancake to keep our tradition alive and promised the next holiday we would not forget. Thankful for sweet traditions and pray our girls remember them as they grow and we remember to keep them alive and teach future generations the importance of family and being there for each other

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