31 MarEnd of Spring Break (2019)

We had an amazing start to Spring Break with our trip to Spain! Mommy thought the girls would think home was boring so asked the girls about going ice-skating, climbing at the rock climbing place, jumping at one of the trampoline parks, etc but they wanted to chill at the house most of the time after we got back. I assume they were recovering to get ready for school the next week. We did manage to get out and do a few things or have a friend or two over though to send spring break out with a bang. 

Friday, the girls went shopping with  mommy at Costco after we chilled out all morning and ended up with a treat

We got to see Sara and katie and Mimi’s Saturday. I think these 4 missed each other since they kicked the adults out so they could have kid time. Love watching them play together 

Leia got to go to a friend’s birthday party on Sunday. They had a big time! They went to the mall to build a bear, ride the carousel, then bowling and to the arcade

Ivy played with mommy for a little while 

But she said she wanted a kid friend over so Hamilton came to help eat the cookie cake Ivy made and play to end our spring break

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