29 MarSpring Break 2019 in Spain

We were blessed to get to go to Spain again this year for our spring break week and as a added bonus uncle John joined us this year. This time it was not Holy Week so there was not as big of a crowd, it was not Adrian and Alicia’s spring break so they had to go to school and Kelly had to work, plus Kelly/Diego moved about 15 minutes from their apartment to a 5 bedroom house with a little yard so the feel was slightly different but just as amazing. The beauty of both Granada and Seville is not captured in the pictures. The city is gorgeous and captivating. We can all see why the Requena-Comfort family loves living there.  We all loved experiencing the culture and enjoying the beauty of both it and the landscape. Plus having great host like Kelly and Diego helped make this trip amazing!

We are off and ready to get to Spain

It was comical that both girls would sleep when they sit with Chris but not so much with Lisa 

These girlies loved our ride and said we should get one 

The views on the way from Malaga to Granada was gorgeous 

We all were excited to get to the Casa de Requena-Comfort’s 

Kelly and Diego are always great host and fixed tapas that evening

Ivy was excited to snuggle with uncle John

Our first morning waking up in Spain the girls were disappointed that Adrian and Alicia had to go to school even though we had tried prepping them that they would be at school during the week. Kelly also had to work and Diego had therapy for his wrist he had broken while skiing but of course they had already planned a fun morning for us. They gave Lisa and Chris a cooking class for our birthdays. It was a very thoughtful and fun gift! Loved having a experience. We had a blast cooking and learning a little bit of Spanish in the process. It was great having uncle John who spoke more Spanish than any of us and meeting a new friend in the class that was on her spring break and had spent a semester there as a exchange student previously. Kelly and Diego joined us after we were done cooking and they had finished working/therapy for the day. All the adults enjoyed the lunch we had prepared but our girls did not eat that much so we walked around the corner to get them so pasta and let them play at a park until Adrian and Alicia could be picked up. We went to get gelato once we were all together. Once we were done with our treat Chris and Kelly took the kids back to the house for a little R&R while Diego acted as a tour guide for uncle John and Lisa. It was great walking around taking in the sites of the beautiful city. That evening we chilled out at the house with a crackling fire and enjoying sweet time together.

Our menu for our cooking class




Lunch is served

Group picture of our cooking class

After our class we walked to let the girls play and get them food since they did not eat much before Alicia and Adrian were picked up from school
We all enjoyed gelato after school then Chris and Kelly took the kids back to the house while Diego acted as a tour guide for uncle John and Lisa. The city is amazing with so much to see and a great vibe 

We toured a Cathedral that we toured the year before too. We couldn’t keep up or find all the things they were directing our attention too (i.e. the pelican) 
What a view of the Alhambra …. breath taking

We enjoyed a cup of tea in a local tea shop before walking back to the house and Diego spoiling us with a snap, crackling fire

Friday, Adrian and Alicia had school but Kelly went with us the the Science Museum  which we did not do last year. This museum is one of the only things on the don’t miss list we saw online that we missed last year. It was a great museum! We could see why it was on the don’t miss list. We walked through the World of Sound exhibit and tried to play different instruments. Kelly took the kids to a hands on area while Chris, John, and Lisa went through a body exhibit since the kids did not want to walk through it. Then we hit a few other areas before we got to go into the aquarium and rainforest exhibits. Diego was home starting to prep lunch and Adrian/Alicia had gotten out of school so we headed back to enjoy some fun family time and enjoy our siesta. After playing a little while we all went to a Italian restaurant that we had gone to the last night we were there last year. It was just as good as we remembered but the fellowship was the best part. 

Quick picture as we waited for our time slot for the aquarium


The landscape shaping captivated our attention a little bit; it was fun playing in the sand and changing the land masses 

Walking through the rainforest or tropical area seeing the birds and animals was very entertaining  

We took time to learn about insects and we finally found uncle John a pelican 
Before we left the girls played teh grand piano one more time but as soon as a crowd came Ivy bolted

After the museum we went to look at John’s hotel. The girls were most impressed with his fancy toilet  

Love these girlies! They are so much fun! 

Kelly and Diego fixed a yummy lunch that was accompanied by a LOT of laughter and great fellowship
Ivy had fun playing basketball during some of our siesta time at the house
That evening we went to the Italian place that we had gone to our last night last year. The pasta bowl was still yummy and the fellowship was fabulous! 

Saturday morning we planned on going to Adrian’s basketball game if we woke up early enough or to meet uncle John for breakfast if we did not wake up early enough. Unfortunately, we did not make it to either since we slept until 9:55 (Adrian left for the game around 8 and breakfast ended at 10). The girls all enjoyed sleeping in and the little sisters liked crafting. Once Adrian came back from winning his game and we gathered our stuff we all headed to the beach to meet up with Diego and Pepita. The beach we went to this year was Calahonda which is were Diego went to elementary school and his parents taught for years. The beach was chilly and significantly more rough then normal but it was gorgeous. We went to a restaurant where they have gone frequently and are known. Diego and Diego ordered tapas for the table again like last year and just like the previous year it was fabulous! Uncle John and Lisa sat with Pepita and practiced speaking Spanish while Pepita practiced her English. It was a fun time together! That afternoon we hung out at the house while the kids played until Kelly took us to get the girls henna tattoos and to another tea cafe. She and Leia headed to the store while Lisa and John took Alicia and Ivy to a couple more stores. We all met back up at the house for another great evening of fellowship.  

Art time for these cuties

Once everyone was up and Adrian got home from winning his game we went to the beach on the way we say tons of plastic greenhouses and Kelly told us that that was the garden area where a lot of food is grown for the country 

We loved seeing Diego and Pepita! 

The beach was a little chilly and rough for the Mediterrian but we enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery 


Lunch was fabulous and the fellowship even better! 
The kids pulled out the hammock when we got back and enjoyed playing outside for a little bit 


Our baby girls
Kelly, uncle John, Lisa and the kids took a stroll downtown to get the girls henna tattoos 
Love how each tattoo was unique and equally beautiful like our girls 

We stopped by a tea room again after the girls tattoos so they could experience it too

That evening we enjoyed great fellowship and dinner in


Sunday, we drove to Seville to explore another Spanish city since we did not get the opportunity to travel to it the previous year. The food there was just as good as in Granada. It is super nice that the meals there are never rushed and more about great fellowship than anything. We walked around the city for a little bit before it was our meeting time to for our Seg-Way tour. Diego had to sit it out since he was still doing rehab on his wrist but he walked all the places we went and took beautiful pictures. We only had a couple falls on the Seg-Ways but ended it with smiles and everyone saying they would do it again. We met back up with Diego after it was over for a treat then explored the city a little more before having dinner. Kelly, Chris, Leia, and Alicia all took a cab back to the hotel while the rest of us enjoyed walking back and took in a little more of the city. Chris met up with John when we got back for a drink while the rest of us got ready for bed. 

Ivy liked our hotel! 

Uncle John was upgraded and had a balcony overlooking the pool

It is nice how meals are not rushed and how much we fellowship around the table 
We started exploring after lunch to walk off some of the yumminess we shared

We opted to tour Seville via Set-Way

We all practiced riding Seg-Ways before we got on the open road with them to tour the city

Seg-Ways was the one time on this trip we really felt and really looked like tourists

We saw beautiful sites but did not get to spend enough time in any of them. Thankfully Diego walked to them all and got gorgeous pictures for us 

After the tour and Diego’s walking marathon we all enjoyed a sweet treat

These two love pictures and are cuties
Love watching them floss and have fun as we walked around the city

Behind these two handsome fellows is a bridge by the architect, Gustave Eiffel that built the Eiffel tower in Paris 20 something years later

After dinner Diego, uncle John, Adrian, Ivy and Lisa walked back to the hotel to enjoy a little bit more of Seville and walk off our dinner

Monday morning we said good-bye to uncle John since he was taking a high speed train to Madrid for the remainder of his vacation and we were driving back to Granada. After the kids enjoyed a big buffet breakfast we headed back towards Granada but stopped on the way to stretch our legs and enjoy a yummy lunch together. Aunt Kelly had a cooking class for the girls when we got back. They loved making a chocolate chip cookie cake and having a afternoon to chill at the house. That evening we cooked in a quick and easy dinner while enjoying lots of laughter together. 

One last picture with uncle John before he left us for the second part of his trip

The kids enjoyed a buffet breakfast before we left

We stopped on the way back for lunch a a quick walk by a river. It was beautiful! You never would know that you were so close to the interstate

The girls had fun making a chocolate chip cookies cake and we all enjoyed eating it

That evening we had a low key evening with lots of laughter and entertainment cooking sausages

Tuesday we did not have anything specific planned but enjoyed the morning leisurely waking up while the Requena-Comfort gang all had places to be early. Lisa wanted to go for a run/walk and when she mentioned it Ivy immediately asked if she could join so Lisa and her mini-me headed out while Chris and his mini-me watched Harry Potter. We all met back up after our morning exercise to walk to the girls self proclaimed “favorite park in the whole world”. Diego had gotten out of his therapy so he meet up to walk over to the park with us for a little while before he headed back to get a few things done. Once everyone got out of school and work Kelly and Lisa went to the ice skating rink with the girls while Diego took Adrian to the dentist. The girls got to take a ice skating lesson in Spain with Alicia. It was sweet watching the kids practice their English with our girls and the coach was so kind to do part of the lesson in English for our girls. Leia stuck in the lesson until the very end and got to play ice hockey too (a first). After the girls finished their lesson we walked next door to let them get McDonalds and play a little bit before returning  back to the house for the adults to have dinner and relax the rest of the evening.  

Love that Ivy went with mommy on a run/walk

We stopped on the way back for a quick break at a park and to get some water from a fountain straight from the mountains 

Daddy and Leia joined us later that mornign to got ot the girls’ “favorite park in the whole world”
Love this girl daddy! 

Kelly and Lisa took the girls to a ice skating lesson

After switching from hockey skates to figure skates we got the girls out on the ice. Leia stayed the whole time but Ivy elected to come chill in the stands with us after a little bit

So proud watching Leia try ice hockey too

These was a McDonalds nearby so we got the girls their dinner choice after skating

When we got back to the house uncle Diego had gotten everyone yummy desserts 

Our last morning we went for churros and hot chocolate while the girls opted for a strawberry crepe before we walked around Granada one last morning. We were able to grab a couple souvenirs they requested too before returning to the house. Adrian and Alicia got out of school a little earlier than normal to come join us for lunch. Diego and Pepita also came to join us for lunch and say adiós. Diego and Kelly fixed a delicious lunch and we all enjoyed a little time together. Leia joined Kelly when she took Adrian/Alicia to their evening activities while Lisa went to pack and Ivy hung out with (or as she said “tortured”) Chris and Diego. There sure was a lot of laughter for it to be torture; it looked like a good game to Lisa when she finished gathering our stuff. That evening the adults went out for a quick dinner before we headed back to get to bed early since we were waking up early the next morning to head to the airport. 

Thankful we got to see Diego’s parents again while we were there since they came to have/help cook lunch

Ivy had fun “torturing” uncle Diego while Leia went with Kelly, Adrian and Alicia to their practices

That evening we had a adult date night since a teacher from the kids school came to keep the kids. Ww neglected to get a group picture or one of the ladies 

 One last picture early in the morning before we headed drove to Malaga to catch our flight 

Sweet Alicia wanted to see her cousins before we left and even moved to the couch sometime between bedtime and 6am but fell back asleep but we blew her a kiss and face-timed her when we got back home

Beautiful scenery as we drove

Hmmm …. our streak of sleeping with daddy and awake with mommy held true on the first flight

Entertaining ourselves in Amsterdam airport

Leia was excited to see the largest passenger plane
Leia would not get in the shoe but Ivy hoped right in

Last flight till touched down in USA

On the way home mommy asked everyone individually their top 3 things they liked about this trip. The following are the answers we recieve:
Ivy’s top:  riding segways, sleeping with Alicia, and torturing daddy and uncle Diego
Leia’s top 3: riding segways, going to her favorite park in the world, and ice skating Lisa’s top 3: spending time with family, simply walking around the cities sight seeing taking in the Spanish culture, and cooking class 
Chris’s top 3: riding segways, Johnny being with us, and doing stuff together 

I am sure the kids top 3 may change as they talk to different people and remembered various parts of our trip but no matter what the top picks were the whole trip was simply wonderful!!! 

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