20 FebPresident Day Weekend 2019

The girlies had a 4 day weekend the day after Valentine to President’s Day. It was a much needed long break! The girls had extra circular activities everyday during their break (going to a booster ice skating class Friday, ice skating class Saturday, make-up piano lesson Sunday, and another booster ice skating class on Monday) but enjoyed down time at home as much as possible. We mixed in a little more activities too through out the weekend but .

Our Friday fun started at Top Golf with Mimi and the Rhoads girls while uncle Mark worked and daddy did school after a leisure morning. Leia was a smart chick and brought Barbies to entertain everyone while they were waiting for their turn to hit the ball. I think everyone had a great time; we extended it another hour when it ended. We got about 30 minutes at home afterwards before heading to the the girls first booster ice skating class. They enjoyed the one-on-one lessons and felt like they learned a lot. 

Enjoying Valentine treats after breakfast 

Girls day at Top Golf since girls were out of school and daddy had to do school 

What do you do when you are waiting your turn to hit the ball?!? Play Barbies of course 
The girlies got a booster ice skating lesson, short one-on-one lesson 
Then they had fun skating on the “free-style” ring which is not nearly as crowded as the public rink

Saturday, the girls woke up ready to play Barbies and played any chance they got too all day long. They enjoyed going to their ice skating lessons but were happy to go and picked right back up playing Barbies when we got home. We all enjoyed going on a family walk and play board games but the girls did not want to venture too far from home for our family fun afternoon/evening. 

Back at the ice rink having fun learning to skate better than mommy and daddy

Lots of Barbie playing since these little monkeys wanted to chill out at home

We made them break to go on a family walk

Ivy took a selfie during our game time 

Sunday was a  funday getting to go to church to learn more about our Lord and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Afterwards, we got to meet Mimi and the Rhoads for lunch before heading back home for the girls to play in the rain girls make-up piano lesson from when Ivy had the flu.   

Anytime we get to have a little extra time at home Leia normally climbs in her nursery chair while Ivy climbs in mommy’s lap. Mommy loves sweet morning snuggles! 
Playing Barbies before church 

Playing in the rain after church

Before coming back inside to let their imaginations run wild playing Barbie again

 The girlies wanted to bake and decorate a cake
Mommy got sweet snuggles Sunday evening

Monday morning Lisa got rare morning snuggles from Leia before we headed back to the ice skating rink while daddy packed for his trip. Daddy had to leave for the airport while the girls were their lesson so instead of heading home we headed afterwards we went to meet the Talley’s for lunch and fun at Let’s Play. It was a rough start with an odd number of girls but Lisa ran into a college friend and Ivy played with her daughter then we saw friends from VHEW and had lots of playmates to pal around with so everyone was entertain. Leia got to stay a little longer with the Talley’s while mommy took Ivy to gymnastics. It was a fun filled day! 

 The girls are looking good skating
Lunch fun

Fun at Let’s play

Lisa ran into a old college friend; it is so fun catching up 

So thankful when daddy travels multiple days that Mimi is willing to come take the girls to school one day so Lisa can get into work before 8 o’clock. Bonus is that we get snuggles and the girls get to pick any breakfast they want which normally is going out since they tell Mimi that mommy never takes them out on a school morning

Thank you Mimi for helping us out and spoiling our girls! 

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