14 FebValentine 2019

Kicked started “heart day” with heart pancakes, heart bacon and strawberry hearts for our little Valentine’s 

Daddy was out of town but the girls got to open the gift they bought each other. Loved their excitement to use their own money to but their sister a gift

Mommy got to go to Leia’s class party. The kids had fun playing minute to win it and looking through their valentine bags. A big hit was the smash balloons that popped in each of their v’day bags  

After school we made a special delivery to the Rhoads house 

We arrived home the same time as daddy. The girls were over joyed and squealed in excitement as we opened the doors. Of course the girlies knew when we got upstairs they could open their valentines from mommy and daddy since all of our little family was home

We were all so happy to have our main man back home to celebrate Valentine with his ladies

Love the girls excitement! I hope they always are this excited about life

These two are amazing! Some moments that seem so ordinary just hit you of how amazing life is and how you should count your blessings. As I looked over watching them together this was one of them that struck me and made me tear up thinking about what a amazing life we share. Love the way they play, connect, love and show us how to just enjoy the moment. Pray we all enjoy the time we get to spend with loved ones. 

Fun family night celebrating the love between us all! 
Heart shaped pizza and making one on their own

Leia challenged Chris’s geometry skills … he missed the challenge Tuesday night when she got mommy and Mimi 

Mommy entertained Ivy or Ivy entertained mommy with selfies while they did math … love her many expressions
Family game time

We are blessed beyond measure with the house full of laughter, snuggles, and love 

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