07 FebGrandpa and Deedee visit on Sara’s 11th Birthday

Grandpa and Deedee got to come for a short visit when they cashed in on Grandpa’s birthday gift from Deedee to see Luke Combs in concert Thursday night. We had planned on celebrating Sara’s birthday Thursday too before they went to the concert with the Rhoads’ but Stacy had the flu and her stomach ulcer was acting up so Sara’s birthday celebration had to be postponed. Deedee said the concert was great the Friday morning after Lisa had gotten back from taking Leia to school. We had a low key Friday with Ivy resting on couch since she still had not gong back to school from getting the flu, Grandpa went to the golf store, Deedee and Lisa went to craft store, and Chris worked on school. That afternoon we picked Leia up from girl scouts early to have a family fun afternoon/evening at Top Golf, dinner, and Yogurt Mountain. 

Hitting the ball at Top Golf

Fun at dinner with Grandpa’s stink eye; Leia did not like the red eye

After dinner Leia really wanted ice-cream. It was not hard to convince Grandpa and Deedee

Thank you Deedee for framing our art work while the girlies made art

Saturday, we enjoyed a good ole southern breakfast before the girlies ice skating lesson. Ivy must not have had all her energy back and got off the ice before they called time saying she was cold and tired. The girls loved having a audience though and Ivy got to snuggle up in Deedee’s blanket. They headed home from the rink while Lisa and the girls headed to Mimi’s since Sara was there and we wanted to have a mini surprise party since now Katie had the flu and her weekend birthday celebration was getting pushed out again. Sara thought we were just there to say hi but she went with Lisa and Ivy to Hobby Lobby and Walmart to get material to make a parrot custom for Leia. While we were gone Leia and Mimi baked brownies and decorated for the surprise. It was a little celebration but we love Sara big and she seemed to really liked it! After playing we headed home to see Chris, make Leia’s parrot costume, and have a family chill out night at home. 

Grandpa and Deedee went to watch the girlies do their ice skating lesson Saturday before heading home

Sara joined Lisa and Ivy on our shopping excursion to get her out of the house while Leia and Mimi baked brownies and decorated for a mini surprise party  


 After cake and present time the girlies played outside until we decided to head home to interrupt daddy’s study time. Sara said she was too big to do the zip-line now 
Part of Leia’s parrot costume. Ivy decided to craft with a few feathers too

Lisa had planned on having lunch with the girls the week Ivy got sick but ended up staying home to take care of her so the week she went back Lisa made sure she surprised the girlies for lunch. That day Chris also got home early from his business trip so we picked the girls up together and took them for a special family ice-cream treat. Love getting to spend anytime we can with our girlies. 

 After missing a week of school we did quite a bit of makeup and extra homemade work sheets to understand what we missed … it’s no joke when you miss school 

Daddy got home that afternoon from his business trip so we picked up the girls together to take them to get ice-cream on the warm February day

Leia picked up the phone to take a picture everyone at dinner; maybe she is starting to like pictures again

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