29 JanSnow Day Bust

The weatherman said that we were going to get 2-3″ of snow overnight in a winter storm. Schools were cancelled, offices closed, and a state of emergency was called on counties with the warning on the 5 year anniversary of snowmageddon to ensure we did not have a repeat of abandoned cars on interstates and 10 minute commutes turning into several hours. In our house we filled the fridge with food for snow party with the neighbors, pulled out the snow clothes, and had the sleds ready next to the front door but when we woke there was nothing, not even freezing temperatures. The day turned into a bigger bust when Ivy got up saying she did not feel good and was burning up so we could not even have fun with neighbors. The doctor office had closed with the snow prediction but opened midday with the snow bust to confirm Ivy has the flu. Ivy spent the day sleeping while Leia did get to play with AlexAnn between the two houses (her little brother was home with a fever too). Kids across the state were disappointed not getting to enjoy a day playing in the snow but it was nice to get a unexpected free day from school and a nice warm winter day. 

Our “big” snow was a bust

Ivy excited Monday night about the snow and Leia not impressed with it 
 Poor baby had to take a trip to the doctor on our snow day with the flu

We slept and snuggled quite a bit while Leia played, read, and entertained herself

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