14 OctGirls Trip to Great Wolf Lodge

The girls had October 12th out of school instead of on Columbus day so we decided to take a little girls trip since the dads had work. Lisa, Stacy, Mimi, and the 4 little munchkins headed to LaGrange Georgia to explore Great Wolfe Lodge. It was a great trip! We played in the water park, climbed on the rock wall, explored the ropes course, played putt-putt, made a few strikes and spares in GWL bowling, won prices in the arcade, trick or treated in the lodge, enjoyed relaxing with morning yoga, and played their magical quest game. It was a fun filled 48 hours with some of our favorite ladies. 

Water Park fun 
Our first ride of the day 
The girls loved the leap pads

Stacy and Lisa rode down together and at the bottom Stacy fell out of the raft

Sara held Lisa to her word that she would ride the tornado even though Lisa was not thrilled about it but this one was much better than the one in NC so then Stacy rode it too

I am not sure how many times we rode the slides but there were 87 steps each time we did so everyone was getting a good leg workout

We were racing down the double tubes





Dinner in the water park

Swinging in the trees (aka ropes course). The big girls started and after watching them a few times Ivy decided she wanted to try too but she had to have a adult so Lisa got to swing with the little monkeys. It was fun! Thankful we did it when we did because they shut it down for a safety check the rest of the weekend
Using their muscles to get up the rock wall
Who all got hole in ones? 😉 No one kept score but everyone had fun practicing their putting
Ivy thought it was fun to swim in the pond on the putt putt course. 
 Every afternoon they had trick or treating in the lodge

There is a first time for everything, Lisa beat Mimi on the TenPaw bowling lane (it was not real bowling or Mimi would have won)    


We paused the game to get a mommy-daughter pic with each of the little munchkins
Final scores
Magic Quest

Arcade and treats …. what more could a girl want
Sweet, sweet snuggles! Love them!!
Breakfast in the room

Panning for gems

Morning yoga
Thankful for a fun couple nights with these girlies

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