08 OctSeptember wrap-up/First of October 2018

Blessed to get to have a lunch break with our girlies one Thursday afternoon

The girls put on a mini show at in their hiphop dance class. It maybe the last one of the year since both of them are saying they do not want to continue taking dance but they did great! Mommy took a video since daddy was out of town

Leia asked if we would get her some books but I think she tricked us. They came with more than books but the girlies are enjoying using the head lamp

Friday afternoons are great for sister dates

They are good for playdates with friends too. A afternoon full of friend, crafts, snacks, and play … life is great



Busy Saturday preparing for our block party

Aunt Kelly came in town for 4 or 5 days so we had to head to Newnan to see her while she was here. It was a very short and sweet trip. We left after our block party Saturday which had us arriving in Newnan at 11pm. We did not get to see Kelly that evening with the jet lag but were happy to see Gigi, Deedee, and Grandpa. Loved getting to hang out and visit with them all for a little bit! 

These two monkeys went straight to snuggles when we arrived

Sunday morning they were excited to facetime Adrian and Alicia. As we were driving over Leia kept saying it would so fun if we were surprising them and their cousins would have been there too. Next time aunt Kelly comes she will be bring them and uncle Diego. 
It was a great day to have lunch outside 

Deedee has so many beautiful butterflies in her yard! 

Before aunt Kelly went to work and we headed home Lisa requested a few family pictures


Daddy traveled 3 weeks in a row so the girls slept with mommy in the middle. Not sure how mommy fit sometimes but all the snuggles are sweet. A little funny that happened one night after daddy got home was when Leia woke up to go to the restroom then climbed back in our bed pushing Chris over a little and zonked out; guess she thought he was in her spot. After belly laughs mommy got up and carried our sweet Leia back to her bed so daddy would have room to sleep 


Just another day after school. We got to pick up Sara and Katie too since Stacy was working late and they did not want to stay at aftercare. All four got their homework done then grabbed boardgames. Mommy’s heart was happy that they went for those over electronics!

The girlies were excited to sleep in the den for a change of pace

Mimi took the four grand-girls shopping for their halloween costumes. We have a huntress, cheerleader, butterfly, and snow princess this year. 

The girlies had fun redecorating their rooms

Chief Leia cooked dinner for the family one evening. She did a great job using the kids cooking subscription we had gotten the girls for 6 months. 

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  1. Joy says:

    What a wonderful time you had with everyone and so glad you got to spend time with Gigi and Kelly too! Love, Aunt Joy

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