13 FebIvy’s Class Valentine

Late Sunday night Lisa got a call asking to help with Ivy’s class Valentine party sine ht person who signed up for it decide they could not do it. We knew it was a busy week getting ready for our ski trip and finish up everything at work to be off but we rallied to throw a fun Valentine for her class. We ended up having pin the heart on the fox, heart tic-tac-toe toss, ring toss, valentine bingo, made gliders and Valentine cards for someone special. All the kids said they had fun so that was a success. Leia was given the choice of attending her party or not since she said her Christmas party was a disappointment so she elected to get checked out early. 

There was a school delay on Tuesday so we got to see cousins before school. So much fun! 

Tuesday, Mommy decided to do lunch with out littles too since we have been working to organize everything for our trip and focused on work so much for a few focused minutes on our girls
While mommy helped with the Valentine party Mimi surprised the girlies and had a special lunch with them before coming back to help with the party

Coleman’s Valentine Party fun


The girls gave Mimi a valentine too

The girlies opened our valentine early since we were leaving really early on valentine



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