07 DecMom’s Night Out

Lisa joined some mom friends at a moms night out this evening at Do It Yourself Pottery. It is the first time any of the moms had had gone without the girlies. We were all a little lost at first looking for things for the kids to do but then all settled on items that complemented things the kids had painted at home, painted items for our kids, or started a craft to bring the kids back for hand prints the next day. Love that you can take the momma’s out for the night but never can take the momma our of the mom. It was a fun night out with some fabulous ladies. While Lisa was out Chris finished up his last project for the semester and the girls went down to play with Alex Ann then ended up having dinner and hanging out until bedtime. Lisa was thankful to get home to give good night kisses before the girls fell asleep. Love having a moms night out but love coming home to sweet girls and Chris more. 

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