28 AugJust a few happenings the last part of August 2019

Daddy told mommy one day not to go into the office since he went shopping and bought a TV during his lunch break. She thought he was joking but turns out it was not a joke. Of course he hung it in time before football season started and he headed out of town; now we have a big TV on the porch too. Leia is loving it and staying outside on the porch more with mommy. 

Before football in the south kicks off our Sunday School decided to have a fellowship. We did not realize how many couples in our class had kids our girls ages. That water was COLD but it did not stop the kids. Thankful the girls had fun at mommy/daddy’s Sunday School fellowship and we got to know a few more couples from our class. 
Sunday morning daddy grabbed donuts for a treat while mommy cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast since he was heading out of town for the week. Love our breakfast on the porch on a nice summer morning before the girls headed to church and daddy headed to the airport.

Ivy’s Tuesday milestone …. she did her back handspring all by her self. She was so excited!! She has almost had this for a while but her mental block would stop her and she finally got beyond it. There is no holding her back now. Next goal back tuck 
While daddy was gone we girls said “oops”!  Lesson learned, those heat lamps get pretty hot, should not be turned on until placed back on the cage, and they can burn wood since the wood was smoking by the time we got home from work and school. Counting our blessings we did not catch the house on fire! Also, thankful God kept mommy and daddy calm upon discovering this ‘oops moment’, reminding us we all make mistakes, furniture can be replaced, and we will look back on this as a family story that binds us together one day.    



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