28 AprMagnolia Festival Weekend (2019)

Mimi helped Lisa in the yard all day Thursday and Friday so by the time the weekend came we needed a little fun time. Leia elected to have some one on one time with Mimi Friday night since she had not gotten to spend the night the previous week. She lucked out on her one on one night fell on the weekend of Magnolia Festival. Mimi took her for opening night fun riding carnival rides and playing games. I think she had fun then got to watch a movie or two that evening too; her kind of night. 

Glad Leia had fun with Mimi on her one on one at Magnolia Festival
Saturday morning Leia enjoyed TV at Mimi’s while mommy and Ivy enjoyed sitting on our new porch

Saturday, Mimi brought Leia out for her last regular season volleyball game then let Stacy have the truck so she rode back to Gardendale with Lisa and the three girls  for some fun at Magnolia fest too. (Katie had a birthday party so she did not go). The height difference and desire to ride different things had Mimi and mommy split up but everyone had fun then we headed back to meet Stacy and Chris at Pita Stop for a family dinner (Mark was home sick). 


Sunday morning daddy slept in until well after church begun so the girls got to have a little fun with their Magnolia Fest prizes at home then go play with a couple sweet neighbors; fun Sunday morning 
Chris took his last test of this semester so to make sure the house was quiet Lisa and Ivy went to Stacy’s to see what she was getting into outside and give her opinions. Ivy ended up staying to go with Mimi and the Rhoads to cheer Katie on at her last soccer game of the season Sunday afternoon while Leia and Sara went to dress rehearsal for their play Wednesday night

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