10 AprIvy Field Trip to Botanical Gardens

Ivy had her last field trip of 1st grade to Botanical Gardens. It was one of the only ones she has had where all parents could go and unfortunately it was a day in which Lisa had a meeting right smack in the middle of it and Chris was out of town. Of course we did not want Ivy to be without a special adult  so we asked Mimi to go with her. Thankfully, Mimi changed her plans to go with Ivy and sent Lisa pictures throughout it since she knew how bummed mommy was that she could not make it. They had a great time! So glad Mimi and Ivy got to share this special time together with the rest of Ivy’s classmates. They learned all about the plants, explored the gardens, and had a picnic lunch before Ivy had to get on the bus to go back to school. 

Thank you Mimi for spending your day on Ivy’s field trip! 

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