24 DecChristmas Eve 2018

Christmas Eve seemed to arrive very quickly this year. We did not seem to get to enjoy as many Christmas activities with school getting out so late this year but the girls were excited to wake up knowing Santa was coming that night. Our family gathering at Mimi’s was full of fun. What a great time of fellowship, yummy lunch, and fun game of dirty Santa we shared. Our little family joined Mimi and the Rhoads for Christmas Eve service at GMVUMC then went back to Mimi’s for a little more fellowship before the Rhoads headed home. The Comfort clan hung out to enjoy dinner with Mimi then headed home. Leia rode with mommy and daddy and requested on the way home to go by the most awesome house decorated for Christmas she had ever saw (she had gone with Mimi on their one-on-one date). It was a great display that was nice to enjoy with our baby girl. Thankful to get to enjoy the best gift this Christmas, time with family and friends.      

Always, always, always love my morning snuggles with our baby girl

First on the agenda when we arrived at Mimi’s were the family pictures 
(I think it is because if not we would forget to take them in the fun and fellowship)

Picture on the stool was Alex’s evidence that someone stood on it during the family photo  shoot
Leia had fun dressing daddy in our photo props
Dirty Santa is always fun! 


Daddy, mommy and Leia rode by the lights in Fultondale on our way home

Last present of the evening for the girlies before night night time
The girlies put the Christmas cookies out for Santa before saying good night

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