20 DecChristmas Break is finally here

The girls are finally out of school for Christmas break 🙂 Let the fun begin!

 Leia had fun at her friend, Anna Claire’s cookie party 

Ivy & Ivy had fun at their impromptu spend the night party

With Ivy spending the night at a friends and Chris at a work dinner, Lisa and Leia got some special mommy-daughter time. Leia got to be the art teacher and taught mommy to make snowflakes since her’s broke she made at school before she made it home

Girls picture before Lisa and Leia went to watch “the Nutcracker”

Friday night we got a mother-daughter double date to dinner at Brios and to watch “The Nutcracker” with Madelyn and her mom, Carrie. It was so much fun going with sweet friends.  

Saturday, we enjoyed going to Alex Ann’s to decorate cookies too 

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