17 DecSanta Visit

We heard that the big man himself, Santa was going to be at Chick-Fil-A so we decided to go pay him a little visit. We had a great time! Turned our that they were having reindeer food, craft time, and a ice-cream and hot cocoa bar. Chris met us up there for dinner then headed home since he was not feeling great and the girls and mommy stayed for more of the festivities. We stayed for over a hour and half we were having such a great time. Love creating these precious memories together.

 Our sweet girls were the first ones that got ot see Santa then make reindeer food

Story time with Santa

Ivy was as excited to see her sweet friend, Violet and the moo moo cow as she was to see Santa
Ivy asked Santa if she could have a pic by herself and one wit Mrs Claus too

17 DecStorm Party Night

These girls are cracking us up sleeping these days. It is hard to find them under all the stuffed animals. They call it their little cave of animals and think it is funny that we have to search for them. They also said it makes them feel safe like when they sleep with mommy or daddy. Monday night they got their stuffed animals in mommy and daddy’s room since the weather man was predicting severe weather. Traditionally we have a “storm party” in mommy and daddy’s room and all pile in just in case the weather does turn bad. This gathering together started when the girls bedrooms were upstairs and we were downstairs after tornados ripped through nearby towns a few years ago. All the girls know though when we all pile in is it is a fun night which some nights it is just for fun because we do love all being together. However, on nights like tonight when severe storms are predicted it helps mommy and daddy sleep knowing they are within arms reach if a storm does come, we can grab our emergency bag, and all run to the tornado area together. Thankfully near our home the weather did not turn out too bad and we were all safe snuggled in our beds. 

Seeing them buried does remind me of how mommy slept when she was their age 
We all pile in mommy and daddy’s room when we have a storm party 

Blessed if either baby girl wakes up after Chris gets up the next morning or if they have a bad dream, they know they can crawl in the bed with mommy. What you don’t see in the picture is our sweet girl is holding mommy’s hand to sleep or that before snapping the picture she was snuggled up on mommy’s shoulder…sweet snuggles = happy heart

Ivy requested Christmas pancakes, even though it was a school morning. Thankfully mommy woke up early so was able to get the lunches packed and pancakes made as she requested. Leia requested an elf pancake while Ivy wanted a snowman. It was a quick design day with the morning rush so the designs were not fancy but it did bring a smile to their face and it started their day off right. 


15 DecSara and Katie got Baptized

What a joyful day!!! Our sweet nieces were baptized by their dad, Mark. We got to go with their grandparents to witness their sweet act of obedience. After church we all went back to their house to enjoy lunch together and some sweet fellowship together on the beautiful December day.  

Sara and Katie had a big crowd to celebrate their act of obedience 

Love watching these girls play after lunch and an amazing morning of celebrating 


14 DecSaturday Morning Full of Joy

Saturday morning was a much needed morning in our house! Lisa and the girls all were up early and we spent the morning chilled out by the fire, watching the twinkling Christmas lights and a Christmas movie while we enjoyed sweet snuggles and sipped coffee or hot chocolate. The girls helped was Chris up then we started fixing breakfast. Ivy helped mommy cook the pancakes. It was a joy having her in the kitchen too! We danced in the kitchen singing Christmas carols and praise songs to God as we cooked. The morning was so refreshing! The rest of the day Lisa went into work while the kids went to play with their cousins and hung out at home with Chris. That evening we all went to dinner before Lisa joined Mimi for a broadway show. 

The girls were so excited to be able to move Cupcake since she sit in a wheel chair today.   They played so hard she started to fall.

Thankfully we had a Christmas dog that joined her to help

Sweet ivy is growing up fast. Love watching her have fun and share her joy for life with everyone around her. 

13 DecFriday the 13th Fun: lunch with girls, Leia’s programs, and Rhoad’s visit

Friday was a packed day of fun! Lisa and Mimi got to spend the most the day together, love sweet time together. We started it off running errands then headed to school early to meet the girlies for lunch before Leia’s music program at school. The kids did an amazing job getting everyone into the Christmas spirit.   

Lunch with the girls; a fun music program day tradition

Mommy ran up front to grab a quick picture of Leia’s class waiting on the program to start 

This was the first time VHEW has had a 4th grade music program since they restructured and went to a k-5 school. Leia was part of making history. There was a huge crowd in attendance and Leia had her own little cheering crowd (Daddy, Mommy, Mimi, and Ivy) there too

Their class had a dance solo to Hanukkah, Hanukkah
Leia’s music teacher posted a sweet post on facebook about the musical too
Thankful the music teacher posted this awesome picture of our girl online

What a joy watching them dance

Class solo singing a verse in Christmas Chopsticks

Group shot from Ivy’s sweet teacher

After program treat is another sweet tradition the girls remember 
Ivy’s post: we had lot of fun eating our cupcake. We also have an elf named Cupcake. She is the beautifulest elf.

Friday evening we hosted our annual family dinner and gingerbread house decoration. This year we were thankful Charo and Ron where in town to join us. Mimi helped prep everything then Stacy and Lisa cooked it on the stove. We decided to have a crowd pleaser, tacos. The girls had fun playing downstairs while we cooked then after dinner we decorated the houses Mimi had brought. Love having family fun evenings together. These days in our life is an amazing time! 

 Sisters cooking … who’s the sassy one ;). Haha … she was warned it would be on the blog


The girls racked up with surprises on the family night. Mimi Rhoads gave the girls gloves and Mimi gave them bubble gum and gift card to target then they also got to decorate gingerbread houses 
Our terrific ten years old
Mimi and Stacy photo bombed the other two

Ready to eat

Dinner with sweet family. Love the little sisters came to hop in the picture too.

Let the decoration party begin

Love this woman, the laughs, fun, and the bond we share of not just momma/daughter but best friends
Finished products …. these all show the girls personalities. Leia and Sara took the longest and paid attention to details following the picture guide on the box while the little sisters free flowed it. 

Last picture of the night our littles chilled out and bedtime …. it is hard to find one child in the bed with all the stuffed animals

11 DecIvy’s 2nd Grade Christmas Party

The girls say they love when mommy does their Christmas party so you know mommy signs up. Lisa thought she signed up for both girls parties but unfortunately she had accidentally signed up for Christmas breakfast sitter for Leia’s class instead of the party. Sorry Leia; I think/hope you are going to have a great party and it will be something different for you. We did go into full pledge Christmas party planning for Ivy’s party and hustled as Ivy’s class party was moved up a week earlier than originally planned to let a sweet classmate that was going to miss the last week of school before Christmas break to go on a family trip. 

The kids got back from lunch to the room set up for their party. They immediately all sit down and started decorating their stockings. They were so diligent and took longer than expected decorating them so we left the rest of the crafts we’d brought for the kids to do the next week to move onto the game portion of the party. The kids formed groups of 4 and rotated around playing cocoa toss, tic-tac-toe toss, pin the nose on the Rudolph, and elf ring toss. Loved hearing the laugher through the room. As they finished the last rotation each sweet child sit down to enjoy their treats before they got to go enjoy their afternoon recess.

Love watching these kids have fun at their party

Ivy did a great job on her craft and had some fun playing games

Finished up the party with yummy snack before hte kids headed to recess

08 DecChristmas by Candle Light at Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Thankful to get to go to church today to a Christmas by Candlelight service with our family. Children choir, youth choir, adult choir, and a host of musicians put on a great show! Sara sang with the children choir and in an ensemble for Away in a Manger. We enjoyed sweet fellowship afterwards as we went to grab lupper after the performance. What a sweet Sunday we had today with family and worshipping our God! 

08 DecFamily Ginger Bead Cookie Decorating

Our elf, Cupcake brought us a family cookie decorating set. It was delightful to hear the sound of joy in the air as laughter drowned out the Christmas music. We all loved getting so spend a little time the 4 of us together with no thought of work or school pre-occupying our minds and focusing on sweet time together. Blessed to spend a little time together this morning focusing on our little family.

Can you guess who’s is whose before looking any farther

Family fun decorating … we love our family!! 
We may not be perfect but we fit perfectly together


Daddy showed the girls what he did on the photo editor but they used their decorating talents to write their names with icing

Our little gingerbread family
Our expanded gingerbread family

07 DecMom’s Night Out

Lisa joined some mom friends at a moms night out this evening at Do It Yourself Pottery. It is the first time any of the moms had had gone without the girlies. We were all a little lost at first looking for things for the kids to do but then all settled on items that complemented things the kids had painted at home, painted items for our kids, or started a craft to bring the kids back for hand prints the next day. Love that you can take the momma’s out for the night but never can take the momma our of the mom. It was a fun night out with some fabulous ladies. While Lisa was out Chris finished up his last project for the semester and the girls went down to play with Alex Ann then ended up having dinner and hanging out until bedtime. Lisa was thankful to get home to give good night kisses before the girls fell asleep. Love having a moms night out but love coming home to sweet girls and Chris more. 

06 DecCirque Dreams Holidaze Show

Each year we try to take in a holiday show to get us in the festive mood. Mimi treated us to Cirque Dreams Holidaze Show this year and it did not disappoint. We started the evening at our house ordering in pizza since there was not a restaurant nearby that was taking reservations and it was nice to let the kids play and spending time next to the fireplace before leaving. We arrived a little early with the parking craziness going on downtown since they are redoing a few of the big parking lots but entertained ourselves easily spending sweet time together. The show was fantastic! The best part though is sharing the memory and experiencing it all together. 

Dinner beforehand

Photo ops before the show 🙂 

A couple of the cast members were roaming around so we took advantage to grab a quick picture with our fabulous four
Thank you Mimi for the sweet memory