08 JulUSA Wins the World Cup

Our niece, Katie is a huge soccer fan and got Chris and Leia into it when we were at the beach a week ago. USA women soccers team was in the final so we invited the family over to watch it Sunday morning then to have lunch and hang out a little bit. It was a low scoring game in the first half with a score of 0-0 but in the end USA pulled a 2-0 victory over Netherlands to defend their title. It sounded like a football Saturday with the cheers and excitement in front of the TV. After it was over Chris grilled steaks and we all got to enjoy a nice meal on our new porch while the girls played. What a fantastic weekend with family, friends, and sweet fellowship! 

Saturday we bought a compressor to blow up the girls new toy

They had fun in it with the neighbors ALL day long and had all types of ideas for when their cousins came over too

During the game Ivy, Mimi, and Lisa worked on prepping lunch 

Our viewing party

Celebration that USA pulled out the victory
Grilling in the rain

Playing in the rain
Fun all around! 

05 JulFourth of July Fun

Grandpa and Deedee came in town a couple days early for the 4th of July and took the girls to Splash Adventure on the 3rd for a day of fun. They were there when it opened and stayed until the rain shut it down. They said that for the first couple hours there was very few people in the park and it never got too crowded. Grandpa led the charge going down the new straight down slide then Katie followed suite, Leia overcame her fear early in the day, and Sara did it not long before they closed. Ivy wanted to do it but she did not meet the weight or height requirement so will have to wait until she gets a little bigger. Chris and Lisa both were released early from work that day too so we took advantage of the evening by having a early dinner date. 

Date night while girls were at Splash with Grandpa and Deedee

We decided to have a late lunch at Mimi’s to celebrate the 4th of July. We spent the morning at home relaxing then mid morning Grandpa and Deedee took Leia and Ivy to Urban Air to jump a little bit and met back up with us at Mimi’s house. It was great having a pool to cool off in the July heat, hang out with family a little while, and celebrate America’s birthday. Thankful that Kristi and Stacy took pictures since we did not this year. Everyone went their separate ways that evening. We planned on heading home for a chill night but Ivy was insistent that she wanted fireworks so Chris found a few in the basement to shoot and some morning glories. It was a short, little firework show but we enjoyed it and the time together.

Blessed to get some 4th of July morning snuggles 

When we got to Mimi’s they were taking pics so Lisa jumped in too

Leia’s first time holding baby Kavanaugh
We got to meet baby Xander who was a week and day old

Great way to beat the heat

So sweet when sisters have babies close together so cousins can grow up together

Sweet baby snuggles before baby Xander headed home

One last picture before we left 

  Ivy talked Chris into shooting a few fireworks 


 The next day we all went to Top golf for a game or two before Grandpa and Deedee headed home and we had a lazy afternoon before meeting Mimi and the Rhoads at Pita Stop for dinner  


02 JulFun with Friends

Love, love, love watching our girls get to play with sweet friends. Leia and Madelyn has been trying to get together all summer and the stars finally aligned for them to have a play date so we went to Mimi’s to play in the pool to beat the heat. Ivy Bailey skipped camp to join us too. Sara and Katie headed over too which rounded out a super six swimming mermaids. 


30 JunFamily Beach Trip (2019)

We took our annual family beach trip a little later than normal and did not stay a whole week this time but it was still packed with fun, laughter, and precious time together. 

On our way down Wednesday we made our annual stop at Jesse’s for lunch and got a early check in to put our stuff in the room. Mimi, Stacy and Lisa went to the store while Mark took the girls down to the beach to play and Chris did school work. We all headed to the beach that evening for sweet, family beach time 

We loved waking up and enjoying time on the balcony Thursday morning before breakfast

These 4 little monkeys were waiting on breakfast so Mimi hopped behind them for a quick picture

The ladies all headed down to the beach right after breakfast while Mark went to work out and Chris did a little work 

Sweet mother daughter pictures

Fun playing games to play on the beach

When Chris came down Leia and Sara were ready to head to the ocean for the next couple hours

They said they swam half the ocean … they did get a $1 for swimming

Great view from our beach chairs and the little sisters joined the big sisters in the water

When lightening came we went in and enjoyed a game of what did you hear

Then we watched the rain from the balcony and took a few pics 

Four to seven is our favorite tie on the beach
Ivy loves selfies and mommy loves evenings listen to the ocean 
Leia let us take one of her and Mimi

Blessed to enjoy a Friday morning breakfast feast with a few of those we love

The Comfort clan all enjoyed some time in the ocean 

We all enjoyed time on the beach
But headed in early for lunch since USA Soccer was on in the afternoon and our soccer fans wanted to watch
Lunch at Lunas, little girls pick

Ice cream after lunch

Soccer time and beach time

Back on the beach to enjoy the evening

The girls ran and dove into the sand

Leia preferred not to get all sandy

Stacy and Sara got into a sand war after Stacy kicked sand then Sara threw sand…I think Stacy won
Ivy wanted a mermaid tail while mommy told her she should just bury daddy in the sand 

We spent the evening on the balcony once it started to get dark

Fun watching people parachute on the beach from our balcony

  Love my momma


Morning on the balcony one of our favorite times, so relaxing and God gave us a rainbow to remind us of his goodness 

These girls are fun

It was a rainy day at the beach so we made it a fun arcade day 
Chris, Lisa, and Leia went to lunch with Charlotte and Richard but Ivy joined Mimi and the Rhoads for lunch at Cobalt’s and the sunshine broke through the clouds so we got to go back down to the beach one last time before loading up to head home

They found a pier to jump off …. we will be doing that next year
Saying goodbye to the beach for this trip

Last pic of our toes in the sand


25 JunA Little Fun before the Beach

We opted for a shorter beach trip this year than normal but still had a week full of fun!  

We love our neighborhood! Bake sale and playing with neighbors pups

Playdates are always fun!
We all cooled off in Mimi’s pool 
Enjoyed the fun activities in mimi’s basement 

Then headed home to play a little more and show off Buddy

So thankful Mimi is always willing to help out and kept the girlies while Lisa worked an extra day for training before the beach

Girls had fun at the mall with Mimi while mommy worked

Leia and Ivy were super excited to meet our newest neighbor, Sadye and to hear they would be her future babysitters

19 JunTop Golf Fun with Mary Elizabeth and Anna

Wednesday, morning the girls spent a little bit of time with daddy. He took them to get donuts then they played at home while he put his new grill together. At lunch time  Anna came to keep them while Chris did a little school work them went to take his nap since he was still a little jet lagged from his trip. Mommy got off work a little early and came home to take the girlies to Top Golf. We invited Mary Elizabeth and Anna to join us as well and had a great time playing together!  


18 JunWhile Chris Visited Korea

Chris had an amazing opportunity to go to Korea for a work trip then stay to visit a country he had not gotten the opportunity to explore previously. An added bonus for him was that uncle John met him so they got to travel the world together again like he did in his prime. He of course only took a few pictures but his girls took several of their staycation. We missed him like crazy but loved that he was able to visit Korea. 

Daddy left at 4:30 in the morning so the girls were sleeping but when they woke we started getting ready for wacky hair at VBS 
After VBS we went to Mimi’s and ended up buying a sand art when we went by the store for a little fun

The first of 12 nights were our girlies saved mommy a spot between them while daddy was on his trip

Friday we enjoyed snuggling on the back porch and writing on the door

Just a swinging at Mimi’s and writing on each other

We spent Friday night at Mimi’s so got to enjoy breakfast on the back porch

Leia enjoyed playing with her new toy too

Uncle Mark and his brother Mike turned the big 4-0 so we got to celebrate with them
Chris sent Mark a HB message and picture of his lunch

The girls gave him a great birthday present

That evening we had a few neighbors over and sent Chris a pc telling him he was here in spirit so he took over the speakers on the porch, his music selection was questionable

Lisa and the girls enjoyed their first of many breakfast to come on the porch on Sunday morning, June 9th

Love these precious girls

Of course Buddy joined us too

We helped Mimi blow up the slide Tuesday while we were out there then had a lot of fun sliding  
Mimi also fixed a yummy yummy lunch for us

Of course that afternoon we had to go home to take care of Buddy 

Love the snuggles while daddy is gone but the littlest one gets most of the bed space

Girls pick for dinner was Steak-N-Shake so they could get balloon animals 
Love holding their hands as we sleep and getting sweet snuggles

Although someone sometimes rolls on top of mommy and sleeping in crazy positions

Chris spent Katie’s b’day getting close to the North Korean boarder

Katie bug turned 10 so we went to Mimi’s to celebrate, swim, and have a little fun

Love the fun this picture captured! 

Blessed to spend time with these ladies 

Leia stayed wth Mim is Mommy got a little one on one time with our sweet Ivy who chose to chill out at home then wanted to go to the mall for a little bit

Mimi sent us a text that Leia pulled her LAST baby tooth while she was there 

Morning snuggles are the best! 

Friday we met up with Mimi and Leia for a little fun at Urban Air

Chris sent a picture of uncle John playing with the cats in SK

Even fun with our sweet neighbor and snuggles

Saturday morning Leia woke up early but couldn’t keep her eyes open so napped on the couch while little sister slept and mommy sipped coffee on the porch

Morning snuggles and face timing daddy, Leia face timed when she woke up 

Katie’s birthday party was Saturday too 

That evening Ivy stayed with Mimi so mommy got one on on time with Leia. Leia chose dinner and pet store

The tooth fairy came too. Last tooth, 20th tooth, $20

Mommy and Leia did not make it to Chuck-e-Cheese last night so made it Sunday morning

Monday mommy worked but the girls had fun with Mary Elizabeth and playing with Buddy then went to Mimi ‘s that evening to spend the night since mommy had to go to training on Tuesday too

Chriss’s last picture he sent was his big meal in SK before heading home … he did not send a single picture of himself in Korea but we shared what he sent us

Tuesday morning Mimi got sweet snuggles and sent mommy pictures throughout the day. The pictures were the highlight of the training. 


05 JunEarly Father Day Celebration and more

Thursday morning Leia went to see Aladdin again so mommy and Ivy went to the library to sign up for the summer reading program

Thursday afternoon playdates. Leia went to Anna Claire to make slime and Ivy had Nelly over 

Ivy decided to play runway; I think we are in trouble when she gets older

Buddy found a great hiding place in his tank but loved chilling with Leia and silly Ivy too

Loved spending the Saturday morning sitting on the porch with Leia then Ivy joined us 
 Saturday night family fun at the pool. The girls shot daddy with their new water guns to say Happy Father’s Day (a little early since he will be traveling)

Sunday morning, Daddy had help opening his gifts then had breakfast made to order. We enjoyed our new porch most of the rest of the morning then went to lunch and the store before chilling out at home the rest of the afternoon. That evening Mimi came over and we all went to dinner so she could celebrate an early Father’s Day celebration with Chris too

Sweet Ivy liked trying on Daddy’s new clothes
Chris’s breakfast he ordered 

 Girls excited our porch hammock arrived; we are going to be spending many hours on our back porch 
Mimi took the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese after VBS
It must have been stressful day of playing for Katie 

Family dinner before daddy headed to Korea bright and early in the mornign

Let’s climb on daddy for a little fun

Snuggles before bedtime

Sweet dreams my loves 

29 MayMiMi Fun Day

The dad’s and momma’s had to work Wednesday so the grand-girls all had a fun day with Mimi. It all started Tuesday evening when Mimi came to get them and they all decided they preferred a dinner with Mimi and the grands instead of everyone so it was date nights for the dads and moms and a quad date for Mimi. The girls elected to grab a quick dinner on the way back to Mimi’s so they could swim that evening then they had movie night before bed time. Wednesday morning started with a breakfast buffet on the back porch before they started planning how they wanted to decorate the “She-Shed”. Mimi took them to the dollar store and Walmart for supplies and they took off decorating. It was not a workday all day decorating though as they also got to  swam, go to Moe’s for lunch, get some R&R watching a redbox, and played throughout the day too. Everyone was in high spirits when Lisa arrived to pick them up and no one was ready to leave so we hung around a little longer for the girls to show Lisa their club house, play a little more, and have dinner. Thankful Mimi is always willing to help us out by watching the girls, Mimi also sends us pictures, and that the girls have a blast with Mimi. 

What a spread for breakfast with a gorgeous view

Morning snuggles are so sweet

Girls pick for lunch while they were out shopping for supplies

The She-Shed is decorated 

28 MayTerrific Tuesday for Friends and a Pool

Tuesday, our girls had asked for a playdate with a couple friends. We ended up deciding to go to the pool again with the heat. They all seemed to have a blast! Even mommy got in and swam laps and played, although there are no pictures of mommy in the pool since no-one was there to get those pictures. Love watching our girls with sweet friends and see them enjoy time together. I hope our whole summer is a sweet as today and the start of it has been because it has been a blast so far.     

Lunch before we jumped in the pool 

Cooling off in one of the most fun ways
Pizza and Watermelon

From cool fun at the pool to playing with Buddy at home we all had a good day