31 DecDay after Christmas to NYE, Goodbye 2018

Lisa (and Stacy) follows in Mimi’s footsteps and believes in getting Christmas down as soon as Christmas is over so the house can be cleaned and we enter the New Year with a little less clutter. Thus Lisa got all the Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas but we still wanted to enjoy the festive time of the year. Last year we had ran out of time to go Christmas light looking and had to do it after Christmas but it was fabulous since there was only one or two other cars going through it when we went through. This year we purposely waited until after Christmas. We enjoyed a nice family dinner then drove to the race track to see the lights. I do believe we started a family tradition of light gazing the day after Christmas. 


Daddy had help driving

The girls liked sticking their heads out of the sunroof

Just a few of the lights

Thursday, the girls played with Reese while his Papa worked with Mr Steve on our house since they built daddy a office for Christmas this year. Daddy and mommy worked on odd and ends around the house too so there was not as much fun but we did experiment with Leia’s ice cream maker that Santa brought; it was yummy! That afternoon Mimi picked up Leia when she brought Sara and Katie home from their spend the night fun for Leia’s one-on-one night with Mimi (all the grand-girls are getting one during the break). This gives mommy and daddy a one-on-two with each of our girlies. Ivy got to pick to do anything she wanted so what was her pick …. stay at home. She sent daddy to get her favorite coconut soup while she and mommy rough housed on the white rug then we all danced to gonoddle before playing a little more before bed time. I am not sure the TV was turned on until we climbed in bed which is a great night for Ivy since she likes to be active. 

We made ice-cream in Leia’s ice-cream maker she asked Santa for
Everyone gave it a thumbs up 

What a fun night … both girls got to rule the house they were at.
Leia chose to go around Mimi’s neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, look through Mimi’s jewelry, and snuggle watching TV. Ivy chose to stay in the whole night rough housing, having mommy and daddy do gonoodle dancing videos with her, then snuggling in bed.  
Selfies from Mimi

Selfies at home
Ivy got to sleep with mommy and daddy 

Friday morning we worked around the house getting things organized before mommy took Ivy to Mimi’s to join the spend the night party with all 4 monkeys. Daddy stayed home to get a head start on school this semester. Mommy hung out at Mimi’s for a few hours too since she missed Leia and wanted to visit everyone too. Through out the day there was rocket riding, picking up sticks, foosball playing, and lots of fun had at Mimi’s. Lisa headed back home to go on a date with Chris while the girls hung out with Mimi. They had planned on all 4 little monkeys staying the night but Katie had forgotten her bear, bananas and said she couldn’t sleep without him so uncle Mark came and picked them up after his and aunt Stacy’s date night.   

 Friday morning selfie with Mimi

This girl was still planning what they did and got to go to Chickfila for breakfast and Moe’s for lunch

Mommy took Ivy out and aunt Stacy took her girls when she dropped off their tree for off season storage so Lisa snapped a few pictures before heading home for a date night with Chris

Evening fun and facetiming mommy and daddy

Last picture of the fabulous four before Sara and Katie went home for the night. Katie forgot her bear she likes to sleep with and said she could not sleep without it so uncle Mark came to get them
Sleeping angels slept with Mimi and the unicorn sleeping bag, Ivy’s uni, and Leia’s big zebra …. that bed was packed

Lisa of course woke up early to a very quite house with both girls at Mimi’s while Chris slept in on Saturday. Sweet Ivy face-timed mommy though to say good morning between breakfast, playing, and whatever else the girls decided they should do. It was a slow moving morning without the girlies but Mimi was heading to Vestavia since the family was gathering at the Rhoads house for a late lunch. 

Morning selfies from three of our favorite ladies

These two monkeys were having fun getting pictures taken and sending them to mommy. My favorite was their text that, “This is Ivy and Leia we love you and we miss you a lot”. These two have my heart and I miss them like crazy when they are not home thus I headed to Mimi’s early to get big hugs and kisses 

Lunch with Mimi; I think they like playing on the indoor play stuff more than eating there 

Missed our girlies!!! And it was not even 24 hours without them. Glad they are home

There was no Sunday school at church so we decided to stay home and sleep in on the last Sunday of the year. No one in the house woke up until almost 7 which is very unusual in our house since at least one person is up by 6 normally. We fixed a big breakfast for some sweet family time. Chris and Mark went to see “Bumblebee” at the movies while we girls had a little more time to chill before we started a day of cleaning. The Rhoads and Mimi came over for a early dinner; blessed to get to hang out with them for a little bit today in a clean house. After they left we decorated for our NYE party we are having this year.  

The girls put on a dance show for us before we cleaned the house and decorated for our NYE celebration 

Last day of the year so we were reflective of all the ups and downs 2018 brought into our lives. We are thankful for the friendships we’ve made, memories we’ve shared with family and friends, and love we share. We spent most of the day at the house getting ready for our NYE party with some sweet neighbors and friends. We did use part of daddy’s gift card to Metro Diner for lunch so we did not mess up the house after cleaning for the party. Since we were letting the girls stay up late we had them lay down to rest after lunch while mommy finished cleaning and prepping. Mimi stopped by for a few minutes after she dropped Katie back off at her house for one last hug in 2018. She did not stay long be I enjoy and savor time spent with all of our loved ones weather it is 5 minutes or a week long trip; life is short, enjoy the people God gave you when you are together. Our party time was coming so Lisa and the girls got their baths while Chris jumped on prep duty when we figured out we’d misplaced our paella pan. It was a family affair looking for it for 30 minutes when we finally figured out where we stored it and could finish our party prep so we could ring in the New Year with sweet neighbors and friends with great fellowship, food, and laughter. Looking forward to what 2019 brings as we celebrate the memories made in 2018. 

Ready to ring in the new year

 Thankful Mimi came by so we got to see her one more time in 2018.

Love my momma! Pray I have a close relationship to my girls when they get older like I do with her

The girls were ready for our guest to arrive so we had pre-entertainmentwith the photo ops
Enjoyed spending the evening with our sweet neighbors and friends to ring in the new year

We had sweet fellowship and yummy food

The fountain was a hit with the kiddos

Jack stopped by for a few minutes with his family before going to his party
Love that Jade suggested we do family pics with the props

Of course the littles jumped in on the photo fun and discovered the horns
Claire was not so sure about the horns so she stuck close to her sweet momma

Picture ops turned into a snowball fight

From snowball fights with he kids to adult game time while kids played downstairs and made up dance routines to put on a show for the adults, it was a fun night to say adios to 2018

Ringing in the New Year EST before Emma and Maddie had to go home; the poppers on the carpet may not have been the best idea but it was fun

This girl is awesome; right after we did the poppers she grabbed the broom to clean up the mess 

Ringing in the New Year in CST

25 DecChristmas 2018

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.     Luke 2:10-19

Although this may not be the actual day of the year when our Savior was born over 2,000 years ago, it is the day that we celebrate one of the most amazing gifts that God has ever given his children. Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you God for the great love you gave to us when you allowed your child to be born as a sweet, little, innocent baby. While it is easy to get lost in the commercialization of Christmas, I pray our children know the real reason for this holiday and enjoy being in the presence of our Savior we celebrate today. Christmas Day is a day for PJs and family so we spent the day in pajamas with our family. :). Love low key days just getting to spend sweet time together.  

 Ivy and mommy woke up at 3:30 and Santa had already come but mommy held Ivy off waking up the rest of the house until 5:45


Mommy and Ivy snuggled a little bit after she took her initial inspection of what Santa had left. Of course, when she started to fall back asleep she decided she better stand on her head and play so she would be up when her sister woke up or it was ready to wake her up

At 5:45 we went and woke up Leia and Chris 
Both gilries started looking at what Santa brought as they waited to be able to go wake Grandpa and Deedee; Chris told us we had to wait until a little after 6 to wake them

Cupcake left them a surprise until next year

Morning selfie

Love the difference in the way they look in their stocking



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our homemade cards!  

The girlies had fun playing with their new toys while the adults started opening their gifts 
Adult present time, sweet Ivy came to help

We surprised Deedee this year! We got her a painting when we were on the cruise and Grandpa got her a golf club 🙂
After playing a little bit the girlies chilled. The early morning may have been catching up with sweet Ivy

Pile on daddy

We headed to Mimi’s for family brunch that morning  

The girls sorted presents as soon as we finished eating 
This year we opted for everyone to take turns to see what each other recieved instead of a opening frenzy and not seeing reactions 


After presents we chilled most the day in our PJs with a very low key day. Very few pictures were taken as our phones were not out. The girls played, we all watched hallmark, Chris and Mark put together a foosball table (it took over 3 hours maybe 4), Mimi cooked a yummy dinner, and we all were thankful to be together



24 DecChristmas Eve 2018

Christmas Eve seemed to arrive very quickly this year. We did not seem to get to enjoy as many Christmas activities with school getting out so late this year but the girls were excited to wake up knowing Santa was coming that night. Our family gathering at Mimi’s was full of fun. What a great time of fellowship, yummy lunch, and fun game of dirty Santa we shared. Our little family joined Mimi and the Rhoads for Christmas Eve service at GMVUMC then went back to Mimi’s for a little more fellowship before the Rhoads headed home. The Comfort clan hung out to enjoy dinner with Mimi then headed home. Leia rode with mommy and daddy and requested on the way home to go by the most awesome house decorated for Christmas she had ever saw (she had gone with Mimi on their one-on-one date). It was a great display that was nice to enjoy with our baby girl. Thankful to get to enjoy the best gift this Christmas, time with family and friends.      

Always, always, always love my morning snuggles with our baby girl

First on the agenda when we arrived at Mimi’s were the family pictures 
(I think it is because if not we would forget to take them in the fun and fellowship)

Picture on the stool was Alex’s evidence that someone stood on it during the family photo  shoot
Leia had fun dressing daddy in our photo props
Dirty Santa is always fun! 


Daddy, mommy and Leia rode by the lights in Fultondale on our way home

Last present of the evening for the girlies before night night time
The girlies put the Christmas cookies out for Santa before saying good night

23 DecCookie Decorating

Cookie decorating has been so rushed in the past so we decided this year to do it a day earlier than in the past, on Christmas Eve Eve. It might have to be a new tradition. It was so much fun cutting cookie dough out to bake, cooking together, and decorating sweet treats. I know Santa is going to love the cookies we made for him and we all enjoyed the sweet time together.  

The kids and kids alike did a great job decorating cookies for santa

22 DecSanta Pics and Christmas gifts

Grandpa and Deedee arrived for Christmas and the girlies got to open up a present from them so Deedee could make any needed adjustments to the dresses they asked her to make for Christmas. The girls loved their dresses and playing with Grandpa before he went to golf with Chris. 

Sweet Mimi came by to say hi to Deedee and deliver a Christmas surprise for the girlies

Mimi also blessed Lisa and Chris tickets to a broadway show, The King and I for a date night. Grandpa and Deedee watched the girlies and took them to see Santa since we had not had time this season 

20 DecChristmas Break is finally here

The girls are finally out of school for Christmas break 🙂 Let the fun begin!

 Leia had fun at her friend, Anna Claire’s cookie party 

Ivy & Ivy had fun at their impromptu spend the night party

With Ivy spending the night at a friends and Chris at a work dinner, Lisa and Leia got some special mommy-daughter time. Leia got to be the art teacher and taught mommy to make snowflakes since her’s broke she made at school before she made it home

Girls picture before Lisa and Leia went to watch “the Nutcracker”

Friday night we got a mother-daughter double date to dinner at Brios and to watch “The Nutcracker” with Madelyn and her mom, Carrie. It was so much fun going with sweet friends.  

Saturday, we enjoyed going to Alex Ann’s to decorate cookies too 

19 DecVHEW Classroom Christmas Parties

Both the girlies Christmas parties were on the same day since the school principle decided all parties would be the Wednesday before school let out for Christmas break. Lisa was in charge of both parties so they were similar since they both did picture ornaments and played the same game but let the girlies pick the craft for their class and food was total different to try to make each of them special. Also, since they were both in the morning neither little monkey asked to be checked out 🙂

Car packed up and ready to go to the girls parties

Ivy’s craft on the left and Leia’s on the right 

Ivy’s party was at 9:00 so we spread cheer by taking Starbucks up to share with teachers before we started the fun. Mrs Draney got us the media room so we had plenty of room to spread out the games and a row of tables for crafts and snacks. The kids went home with their picture ornament and a plate Christmas tree then we left the prizes for Mrs Draney to use later that day since since we ran out of time to play bingo or pin the nose on Rudolph to win the prizes. 

Leia’s party was a little after Ivy’s right before their lunch time so we decided to a big snack or a pizza party. They came in from recess to start on their photo ornaments and snowman chains before moving onto games and their snack/lunch. We ran out of time for bingo again so left them prizes and game for Mrs Kennamer to play with the kids later that 

Leia stole mommy’s hat and we played during her official lunchtime  

16 DecFirst annual Star Lake Christmas Parade

We enjoy living near a lake with ducks and lots of fun activities. This year the first annual Christmas parade was held. The girls decorated their bikes to ride in it (next year mommy or daddy needs to watch to get pictures). Leia rode around the lake twice but Ivy got a little nervous going down the hill so ended up riding on the golf cart with mommy and Ivy Baileys’ grandmother (so it was a good thing mommy was nearby). After the parade we got heavenly donuts from their food truck, snapped a quick picture with the Hoover fire department’s Santa, and spent a few minutes with friends before we had to leave to meet our family for dinner. 


15 DecOne-on-ones or two-on-threes

Leia got a one-on-one she had been requesting with Mimi. We enjoyed getting a few pictures of them snuggling and and crafting with paper chains. Thankful for the special time they got to have but missed our big sister. Ivy was ready for her sister to get home as soon as she woke up. 

While Leia got her one on one with Mimi, Lisa and Chris were having a two-on-three with Ivy, Katie, and Sara since aunt Stacy and uncle Mark had a work Christmas party. Sara enjoyed watching football with Chris while Lisa played with Ivy and Katie. Lisa and Ivy headed to bed not long after Katie and Sara headed home and guess who fell asleep first snuggling her baby girl. 

15 DecFun at Elliot’s 3rd Birthday

The girls were excited to get to go to Elliot’s birthday party at Lets Play. They had a great time! Ivy helped looking after little Max, Elliot and Claire while Leia played with the other big kids there. Seeing them next to all of Elliot’s school friends made mommy realize just how big our baby girls are getting.