05 OctDeedee’s 71st Birthday Weekend

After school on Friday we headed to Newnan to kickoff Deedee’s birthday weekend. We arrived just before dinner time so the girlies took off upstairs to play while Grandpa grilled and the adults visited. After dinner the girlies played a little ball with Grandpa and Daddy before heading in for baths and playtime with Deedee and Lisa then it was bedtime. A quick evening but packed with fun. 

Daddy and Grandpa played ball
Mommy and Deedee played restaurant 

Saturday morning, Chris and Gene had an early tee time at the golf course. Lisa and Deedee played with girls a little before we headed to get Alicia for a little painting fun. Once they were done we we headed back to Deedee’s for them to play there a little while we waited on Kelly and Adrian to wrap up his practice. They had asked about going to Chick-fil-A se we all went there for lunch. After lunch Kelly took her two littles home while we headed back to Deedee’s for the afternoon. 

Chris and Gene got back not long after we got home so we all got to visit while our girls played. Kelly arrived with her kids about 5 and they headed to the neighbors house to see if they wanted to come play too. Everyone was working up their appetites so we ordered pizza and paused the game to eat. We decided Deedee needed to open her presents right after dinner then invited the neighbor kids to join us for birthday cake. The rest of the evening was spent playing ball, running through sprinklers, and fellowshipping together before Kelly and Adrian headed home and the three little princesses to bed.  

Girls all happy to see Alicia. 

Play dough is always fun

Painting with Deedee and snuggles with Daddy
When Adrian and Alicia arrived they invited the neighbors over and everyone work up an appetite playing basketball

Leia relaxing with the birthday girl

Deedee’s birthday dinner

Present time

It was nice watching the kids and boys play while visiting these amazing women

Sunday morning we were up early getting the little girls ready for pictures and ourselves. Kelly and Adrian arrived about 30 minutes before the photographer then we had our photo session. We can not wait to see the images! We stayed until a little after lunch before heading home for Chris to do school and Lisa to take girls for the last swim of the year in Mimi’s pool since a cold front was finally coming through the end of the week and the pool temp should drop. 

Love, love, love these two! They love life, each other, and their family. 
Last swim in Mimi’s pool in 2019

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  1. Joy Huckestein says:

    What a wonderful birthday celebration for Darrell and know she enjoyed the entire weekend too! Love, Aunt Joy

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