18 JulWeek 7, Summer 2021: Diving, Relaxing, Bowling, Aunt Joy and Cousins visit, and Olivia Spend the Nightight

Surprisingly, Monday morning Leia was the last one up. In fact, Ivy even went in her room to wake her for diving. Leia was not ready to get up so momma took Ivy to dive and let Leia continue having rest time for the morning while mom and dad both worked. The rest of the day was a rest day for the girlies.

Ivy headed to dive while Mimi took some of the Rhoads’ to church to head on their mission trip

Tuesday was another early one for the girls! They left at 5:30 headed to the ranch for a morning at the ranch. They got to ride about an hour then volunteered to help out around it. They did text mom early to be picked up early though. We ended up vegging on the couch most the rest of the day. Although, Lisa did defrost the freezer to clean out the drain line to ensure it did not start leaking. Chris got home from the office a little after 4 for a chilled family night. 

Our day other than horse riding for the girls and work for the parents

Wednesday, the girls got up to go to dive but Leia said she felt sick to her stomach so Lisa took Ivy up to dive and let Leia chill on the couch. It started pouring and thundering while Lisa was working so she headed up to grab Ivy. The rain kept the girl in playing until the afternoon when Ivy ran with Lisa to pick up eggs. We stopped to have a treat date too. That evening Chris took Ivy to basketball with friends while Lisa had some one-on-one time with Leia. 

This girl is always fun! Special treat time for her momma/daughter time

Thursday, we followed suite with the rest of the week, taking Ivy to dive while Leia chilled on the couch. It was a lazy day! We binged watched “The Mighty Ducks, Game Changers” most the day. By early afternoon Ivy and Lisa had decided they needed to get out of the house though and decided to go bowling. Leia said she would join and Mimi came up to meet us too for a little fun.  Afterwards, we all headed back to the house to start prepping dinner before Ivy’s dive competition. One of the little boys during practice hit his head during the back flip so most the kids became frightened to perform it so Ivy changed her dives but still did great! We did not see her placement though since the meet was called before they could finish due to thunder and lightening in the area. 

Always fun with a few of our favorite ladies

Ice-cream treat after bowling

Dive competition

Friday, mom slept in but managed to get Ivy to dive by 8:10. Leia opted not to go again. Chris had to work but was able to enjoy the golf tournament while he worked this week downstairs. We stayed home most the day but that evening Lisa was suppose to go to dinner with Stacy and Mimi then the girls were going to go spend the night with Mimi afterwards. We ended up cancelling our reservation and decided to do dinner on the porch at Mimi so Leia and Ivy rode out with us for dinner and swam in the rain then enjoyed the rest of the night with Mimi when Lisa took Stacy home. Of course, we ended up staying at Stacy’s to help do welcome home signs too since Mark and the girls were headed home from their mission trip. 

Daddy is working while Ivy is diving

Ivy said she went through puberty while Leia enjoyed being a kid and playing with a cat

Swimming in the rain is always fun! The adults would not walk down to the pool though since it was pouring

The girls stayed with Mimi and she sent me a picture while I was visiting aunt Stacy so we sent her one back

Saturday, the girls woke up and enjoyed breakfast on the porch with Mimi, rode the golf cart, swam, played at Mimi’s, and had lunch all before Mimi brought them home; they wanted to make sure they were here when aunt Joy arrived with their cousins, Isla, Kellan, and Raina. The girls were outside waiting when they arrived so excited to see them all but especially their cousins they had not saw in close to 4 years. There was non-stop chatter between all 5 pre-teens/kids. The trip was over 7 hours from the beach to here instead of the normal 4 or 4.5 hours so no one really wanted to get back in the car so the girls set up the backyard for a little family fun, we cooked in, and enjoyed the sweet fellowship. Thankful they stopped by on the way home to KY so we got to see Raina and Joy again and Isla and Kellan this time too. 

The kids set up the slip-n-slide and water on trampoline to get some energy out after their long car ride

Hot tubbing and ladder ball playing

Apps when the kids said they were hungry

Loved hearing them all catch up after not seeing each other for almost 4 years

Lots of hoover board riding upstairs, playing downstairs, snuggles, laughter, and sweet fellowship

Dinner time before Mimi Joy and aunt Lisa got in the hot tub 

Movie night with popcorn before bed time … perfect ending to a sweet visit


Sunday morning we all were up for breakfast at 8:30. Chris wanted to tell the kids that they would see the FL family on October too; their reaction was not as animated as what we expected. We loaded up the car for them to get on the road shortly after 9 since traffic had been terrible Saturday in hopes it was lighter today and they made it home mid afternoon. Our girls played and watched TV that morning. By the afternoon Ivy needed more entertainment so we invited her friend Olivia over. They enjoyed the hot-tub, played barbies, danced and more. They were having such a good time she ended up spending the night and joined us for our family movie night watching, Space Jams II. Love sweet family time! 

Breakfast fellowship where uncle C told Ivy her birthday trip

Quick photo before they got on the road

The car was loaded with a few extra items …. stuffed animals that were bigger than they kids

We prayed their trip to KY would be fun as our girls chilled after a late night having fun with cousins

Fun time with a special friend

Sweet Leia made Ivy and Olivia a special treat and enjoyed some time to herself re-energizing

Enjoying popcorn and movie night

Sweet dreams little ladies

Leia got double snuggles before bedtime

11 JulWeek 6 Summer 2021: Bowling, Golfing, Painting Pottery, Huckestien’s visit, and a chill weekend

Monday morning we headed to “First Watch” for breakfast before the guys headed to the golf course and the ladies planned their day. We asked Leia and Ivy to agree on what they wanted to do. After much discussion we landed on going to JoAnn’s to get cake decorating supplies for Leia and fabric for Ivy. Before heading home from the store we did make a stop off at the bowling alley for a couple of games. Ivy worked on American Girl doll clothes with Deedee while Leia baked a three layer cake to decorate. When the boys returned from golf they told us they had made plans to meet the Talley’s at Taco Momma for dinner. That evening was early bedtimes for all after a tiring day. 

 Deedee’s first time to Crumbl Cookie

We had a great time bowling

Girls day of fun sewing and baking

Tuesday, Grandpa and Deedee took the girls to dive and swim while Lisa and Chris worked. The girls texted Lisa early to come up to get them and Ivy wanted to show us she got her back flip from the diving board. The girls hung out at the house most until Lisa took Leia to vision therapy then after it Mimi picked up all 4 grand-girls for for a Mimi night. They swam, hung-out in the basement, rode the golf cart, went out for dinner, and had a great evening with Mimi!

Ivy nailed her backup

Girls pick for dinner

Fun time at Mimi’s

Wednesday, All the ladies at Mimi’s ate in shifts as some started waking at 6 am and others did not get up until close to 9. It was a chill morning, do whatever you want kind of time at Mimi’s. They all said they had fun. At lunch Stacy and Lisa joined them for a R&R afternoon. Sara and Katie joined us when we headed home since they wanted to come help us bag up items the girls purged from the playroom since we had a donation truck coming the next morning. It was a little more work than we thought it would be but we all enjoyed dinner together then it was bedtime to prep for the next day, 

Breakfast at Mimi’s to order then fun day hanging out there until mom made them go home to help clean out the playroom


Thursday, the girls ride was here at 5:45 ready to go to the horse ranch. They had a 4 hour Rider’s Club lesson. Lisa picked up Sara and Katie that morning when they texted they wanted to come back over to help purge more in the house; of course, Lisa always welcome help cleaning. Our sweet nieces got started on the pantry organizing while Lisa went to get Leia and Ivy from camp. We all organized a little bit more then paused at lunch and bounced ideas for a fun afternoon. After much debate we landed on painting pottery. We were loud in the pottery place with the laughter but had a blast. Afterwards, Lisa took the girls to get ice-cream … it was a fun mom/aunt move to ruin their dinner. Mark and Stacy joined us that evening for dinner and hot-tub soak too. What a great day … productive and fun! 

Sara and Katie came back to help us clean up some more then we had a fun afternoon painting pottery and getting ice-cream

Dinner and hot-tub family fun

Friday morning the girls and momma made sure all the sheets were washed and chilled out for the morning waiting on aunt Joy and Raina to arrive. They got her early afternoon and we relaxed a few minutes while we waited on Chris to finish up working. We headed to Mimi’s house to grill out and let the girls swim for the evening. It was a great visit. After the girls were water logged we headed back home for a movie night watching, “Yes, Day” and waited on Dan, Nancy, and Reid to arrive too. Traffic was bad so they did not arrive until 10:30ish but we were able to visit a half a hour before everyone headed to bed. 

Making a splash and having fun with cousin Raina

Tuck dive

Enjoying sweet time by the pool

Fun time

Steak dinner … yum yum

Movie night = great ending

Saturday morning everyone slept in a little after the late night but we had a yummy, southern breakfast together before the Huckestien’s got on the road for the beach. It was a short little layover but such a sweet visit. Chris napped for 5 hours that afternoon while the girls went to Alex Ann’s to slip-n-slide and make scavenger hunts for each other. Lisa did a few chores around the house then that evening we went to dinner with the Talley’s and played a couple game before calling it a early night since Chris’s back was hurting and he was tired. 

Sweet fellowship over breakfast before they headed to the beach. So enjoyed our time together! 

Sunday morning we let everyone sleep in as late as they wanted and had a chill morning. After the R&R morning the girls invited a friends to Mim’s house to swim for the afternoon so we got some activity and movement in too. the girls had fun swimming and getting sweet fellowship with their friends. Mimi went to aunt Stacy’s for dinner so mommy had some time just to sit, enjoy listening to the laughter and girls chatter, and take in the beauty of Mimi’s yard. They are growing up fast! Blessed to get to watch them grow!!

Off for a fun evening in the pool

Volleyball fun

Snack break during the 10 minute summer storm

Ivy and Biz liked taking pictures on Biz’s water camera


04 JulWeek 5 Summer 2021: Basketball party, life with momma not 100%, fireworks and 4th of July

Monday, Ivy ended up sleeping until 8:30 so the girls missed swim and dive but did a fantastic job cleaning up the house while momma and dad worked. Mid-morning Holly Talley asked if the girls would like to join them at the pool so she came by to pick them up for a little pool fun. When Lisa got finished work she headed that way to join them then after an afternoon of fun we went to eat at Habaneros for dinner. No pictures though since we were busy all day and forgot about a daily picture. 

Tuesday,  the girls headed to the ranch to ride horses bright and early again. Chris headed into the office to start his hybrid work week of working in the office Tuesday and Thursdays. Lisa did not start working right away as she was not feeling that great. Shortly after 7:30 Leia called and said she had a headache so Lisa headed to the ranch to pick her up early. Lisa ended up napping a couple hours when she was going to lay down with Leia while Leia played on her iPad. The alarm went off which alerted us to get Ivy. Lisa worked a couple hours and took Leia to vision therapy but other than those two things we chilled at home. Ivy was excited when she discovered a dozen or so strawberries on our plant that they girlies got to pick and eat late that afternoon. All the ladies in the house had on PJs before 5 pm. We watched a couple Disney shows but went to bed early to rest up. 

Wednesday morning, Chris took the girls to swim and dive then Lisa picked them up. Ivy had a friend pick her up at 11 for a day of fun at her grandmother’s pool. Leia had a chill day with momma watching TV and not doing much in the house; we skipped the pedicures and lunch with Mimi and Rhoads’ since momma was not feeling like it would be as enjoyable when she does not want to sit up right more than 15 minutes at a time. Chris picked up Ivy from her playdate and headed straight to her long awaited basketball party where she finally got her championship trophy. Mimi was here when they got home to take Ivy to her house for some one on one time that Ivy had requested.  

Long awaited basketball team party

and the girls finally got there state champ trophies 
Chris entertained Leia that evening; loved hearing her laughter! 
Ivy enjoyed her one on one with Mimi and snuggling with her

Thursday, we slept in at our house. Mimi cooked Ivy her chocolate chip pancakes, took Ivy to get her nails done, and rode the golf cart and bikes then called and offered to come get Leia for lunch and the rest of the day since Lisa was not leaving the couch again. So thankful for a momma who comes to get the girls and provides entertainment when momma is not up for it. Mimi even brought the girls back that afternoon when she picked up Katie for her one on one night. We chilled out at home with another movie night with popcorn and mom/Ivy played Uno before bedtime. 

Ivy enjoyed her breakfast at Mimi’s

Sweet Leia built a fort in the living room

Mimi and Ivy rode bikes and the golf cart then picked up Leia to join in on the fun 

After playing with muffin the cat and swimming they came home and Ivy got to enjoy the tent too with our movie night

Friday morning, it was storming when we woke up so the girls skipped swim and dive again since there was no drop off and neither mom or dad could sit up there just to see if the pool would open. Thankful mom was feeling a little better but still decided to have a chill day after running to Walmart and picking the girlies up breakfast. The girls hung out in the tent that Leia built on Wednesday and played down stairs most the day. That afternoon, mom finally broke down to go to the doctor after almost three days of no energy to get a shot and medicine so we could enjoy the 4th of July weekend with family and friends. That evening, Chris and the girls headed down to the Talley’s for game night but had to have an early return for an early horse back lesson the next morning. 

Back to couch and playing in tent on the rainy morning 

We were up bright and early to be up at horse ranch for a 6:30 lesson. Lisa’s car would not start so we had to take Chris’s while he put a battery charger on the car to take it to the shop for a new battery. When we pulled into the ranch Mackenzie was pulling in too. Lisa offered to bring her home so Mark could go home but he said he would do it so she headed home to pickup a little after being down for the week. Once the girls got done and house picked up Lisa and Ivy escaped the house to run to Athletea since they were running a sale, go swim and have lunch at Mimi’s, then we ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple things we had been putting off getting. When we arrived home Grandpa and Deedee were already there. We cooked some tacos then headed to the Hoover Country Club fireworks that evening with the Talley’s. It was fun throwing balls, freebies, and enjoying sweet time outside. As the sun set we pulled out the glow sticks we had grabbed that afternoon. The kids made necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even belts with the sticks; they provided a lot of entertainment but best part of the glow sticks was that we could see them and find them in the darkness before the show. The show was good the fellowship was the best. 

Thankful to get out of the house! Mommy and Ivy went to Mimi’s to swim and Mimi painted Lisa’a toes since she missed getting to go on the mother/daughter pedicure day

Set up for the fireworks

Games and sweet fellowship

Thankful for time with family

The kiddos had fun with the glow sticks! 

Enjoyed snuggling with Ivy to watch the fireworks

Sunday was the 4th of July, America’s independence day. I pray our children will grow up in a “one nation under God” just as our pledge of allegiance says. The televisions show there is more and more devision recently in our county and fear creeping in that we will not be able to unify again. Today though we turned the televisions off and it was perfect. We got together with family and friends at Mimi’s pool and enjoyed laughs, good food, sweet fellowship, games, and more. Thankful for a fun day, celebrating America’s birthday with some of the people we love. 

Ready for some 4th of July fun

Appetizers out

Pool open for fun


Grilling and chilling

Enjoying a yummy lunch
and games by the pool

Thankful to spend the day with people we love! 

27 JunWeek 4 Summer 2021: Splash Adventure, Leia pool party, Ivy 1st place in dive meet

Monday, Leia wanted a low key morning while Ivy was ready to go dive. Mommy and daddy both had to work all day so other then dive the girls entertained themselves at home. Nothing extra ordinarily exciting happened today but they did paint since they are old enough now to get it all out and clean it all up. We needed a chill-day after running so much and taking many, lazy summer days. Love this stage in life and miss them a little younger all at the same time. Treasuring each day! 

Fun at home

Tuesday, another work day for mom and dad but the girls got to go to horseback riding all morning. They needed some relax time when they got home so chilled out until mom took Leia to vision therapy then Ivy cleaned out the car with Lisa then got a donut treat. On the way back home, Ivy said she thought she saw Deedee’s car pass; sure enough she hd saw it and we all arrived back at the house at the same time. We chilled out for a little bit then headed to Pizza GM for dinner. There was a little craft and farmers market across the street so we ventured there for a few minutes before coming back home. Lisa headed out on a walk while the rest of the gang soaked in the hot-tub a little bit. 

Only two pictures from the day was donut which was payment for helping mom clean the car and enjoying a few minutes at home

Wednesday was another work day for the parents but Grandpa and Deedee took the girls to dive practice this morning since there is a meet this afternoon and then Splash Adventure for the day along with Sara and Katie. They arrived when it opened and played until they had to come home for Ivy’s dive meet that afternoon. Sounded like they had a blast as the girls went from slide to slide while Deedee and Grandpa relaxed in the chairs giving the girls a central location to meet back up. Thank you Grandpa and Deedee for taking the girls out for a fun day! 

Selfie and only group pic at Splash Adventure

Wednesday, evening Ivy and Leia had a dive meet. Leia decided not to dive last minute but help with passing out awards. It was sweet that Leia got to give Ivy her 1st place award in her age group. Great evening watching the kids have fun. 

Hat on backward and we don’t care she was off to a happy place to dive

Warm ups

Waiting for their turn

Comfort fan club this week

Dive time

So sweet big sis gave Ivy her first, first place dive ribbon

Ivy was so excited to be getting the blue ribbon! 

After a full day Wednesday, Leia did not want to go to swim again while Ivy said she wanted to go to dive. Mommy made Leia go to swim since she had wanted to sign up and has only gone three other days this whole summer which was far less than what we agreed on with her going twice a week. Plus she skipped Monday saying she needed to rest up before Grandpa and Deedee arrived, Tuesday missed due to riding, and Wednesday only wen to dive since they had a full day planned. Thankful Deedee was here to take the girls since our neighbors called and needed someone to keep their little one while they went to a court case for TPR to try to adopt their bundle of joy.

Lisa played with Tay until the girls got back, he was excited to see them when they arrived

The girls ate breakfast after swim then sat down to relax on the couch after Tay left. Deedee offered to take them to go climb at HighPoint so they headed there after a little bit of R&R while Lisa headed to work in the yard. The boys got back from golf ahead of the Deedee and the girls then, when the girls arrived they packed up to head home. Leia was exhausted and Ivy had a little energy so mommy picked up Ivy a friends and we headed to Mim’s for a night swim and picked up dinner from chick-fil-A on the way. Chris and Leia watched their TV shows and picked up dinner from Taco Momma. Leia was concerned since we got back home close to 10 but we had a fun night swimming. 

Fun time with a sweet friend night swimming 

Friday was even harder to get up! Mommy slept until 8 and neither girlie went to wake her up so they missed swim and dive. Lisa took Ivy to a birthday party at 10 at the pool. Of course, Ivy ended up practicing her dives at the party. Leia and mom went to the store to get stuff for her pool party the next day. We picked up Ivy at lunch time and headed home to prep party food and eat. We had planned on meeting friends that afternoon but the girls had a breakdown and ended up asking if we could just stay home since they had been on the run so much this week instead of going out then go to Mimi’s just us that evening for grill out and night swim … so that is what we did to give the girls a break and time to chill out. 

The girls took the afternoon to vegged on the couch while Lisa worked around the house. Chris finished up work early that day and joined us then once the treats were cooked for tomorrow we loaded the car and headed to Mimi’s house. We enjoyed dinner and sweet time there before we got the text that the girls riding lesson Saturday would be at 7:15am so instead of swimming into the night we called it about 7:30 to head home and get to bed for another early morning. 

Sisters enjoying sweet time together

Saturday, Chris took the girls to their private horse back lesson since Lisa was running the party run that afternoon. Not long after they got home Lisa and Leia headed towards Mimi’s house to decorate for Leia’s pool party with a few of the girls from her class last year.  Loved that Leia said she had a great time! 

First snack break

Girls took a break from the pool and played in the basement

Of course behind the pool was fun too

Relaxing after breaks before another round of “capture the ring”

Fun game of capture the ring with water guns
Snack time to refuel again

Sweet time with friends

Ivy hung out with Chris while we went to Mimi’s They picked up lunch then he took her to her friend, Amelia party. They went to VCC to swim for a few hours and celebrate.
Saturday evening Leia opted to stay at Mimi’s to spend the night so mommy and daddy got some time with sweet Ivy. Leia played with Mimi’s neighbors cat and baby 
Then she and mimi chilled in the swing until later in the evening

Mommy and daddy had a little hot tub fun with our baby girl … she always keeps me laughing then snuggled watching Ivy’s shows

Sunday, morning our house woke up late while Mimi/Leia were up early. Mimi/Leia enjoyed sometime outside before breakfast then went to the store and did whatever Leia wanted. Chris went to pick Ivy up “Waffle House” then we chilled. She was not as into chilling as we were but we wanted until 10 am. Once that time rolled around Lisa and Ivy headed towards Mimi’s. The girls played with the neighbors cat and swam until late that evening then we headed home to see Chris and get ready for the week ahead. 

Sweet snuggles

To a mean note all because she was ready to see her sister and play with the cat

Happy girl when we made it to Mimi’s house with sister and cat

Fun time in the pool trying to stay cool

20 JunWeek 3 of Summer 2021: Bball camp, girl’s get hair highlighted, bowling, Father’s Day

Monday was the morning the girls got to chose to sleep in or not. Of course they both chose to wake up and go to diving at 8. We ended up letting them stay at the pool until 10:30 so they could play a little in the pool after diving for two hours. They had a lounge time that afternoon except for reading tutoring. That evening we headed to Habanero’s with the Talley’s and Schlappi’s then went back to the 700 house and knocked holes in the wall in celebration since the Talley’s closed on their construction loan and can start their remodel. Of course it was a early night since the girlies had to get up super early on Tuesday and had a full day. 

Tuesday was an early rise day for the girls! Mommy got up to make cinnamon rolls and sausages to energize the girls. Mackenzie and her mom picked the girls up at 5:45 AM to go to horse camp for the morning ride. Daddy picked them up to bring them home for a quick change then mommy took them to basketball camp. Ivy’s friend, Olivia and her mom picked them up to take them to Chick-fil-A and the pool after camp while momma finished up work then met them for a little fun before Leia had to go to vision therapy. That evening we went out to dinner and enjoyed a little family time.  

Wednesday, the girls got to sleep in since basketball camp did not start until 9; at least it is considered sleeping in for them this summer. They both had smiles on their face at pickup. Olivia hung out with us today and we swung by to get Anna Claire to chill with Leia. The girls opted for frozen pizza for lunch and chilled at the house a little while then we headed to the pool. It was fun watching them play with their friends. They were able to stay until they said they were tied and get a pretzel for snack when their energy started to fade. That evening it was just mommy and the girls for dinner but we sautéed chicken and made veggies. Daddy got home from golf a little later then mommy and Leia headed to Mimi’s to spend the night. 
Basketball camp 

Sweet girls enjoyed a little time at the house

Fun at the pool. Loved watching Leia teach AC what she has learned from her dive coach

Thursday, Ivy slept in a little the Chris took her to basketball camp. Leia was up at 5:45 even though we had nothing to go do until we needed to pick up Ivy at noon. We did enjoy a low-key morning on the porch with Mimi. Leia met the new cat next door and helped Mimi in the yard. We headed to get Ivy just in time to arrive at pickup right at noon without a minute to spare. We headed home for lunch and to chill until our hair appointments. The girls both got their hair done. Leia had wanted blond streaks while Ivy said she wanted teal tips but switched to blond tips when she saw it blond. That evening Chris got to take his 3 girls out for seafood to show off the little ladies new styles. 
Fun morning at Mimi’s

Fun hair for the summer time

Daddy was surprised with the girls hair

Friday morning, mommy went to work out then worked a half day, daddy had to work all day, Leia chilled in the morning so she did not wet her hair, and Ivy went to dive. At lunch, mom gave the girls a option of going to do something fun. Ivy immediately said bowl like several times previously. Leia said that was only fun with friends so we invited friends. Unfortunately, Leia’s friend could not go and Ivy’s friend got stuck in traffic for over an hour. We killed time running to the store and waited on her friend but made it to the bowling alley for a little fun. Best part was when girls got gutter balls, they said “like a pro” with two thumbs up. Love the sweet attitude they had playing. We bowled two games then took Biz home to run back to the house to take Leia to Eliza’s birthday party at the pool. Ivy stayed to swim about 30 minutes then we headed home to get ready for the Talley’s to come for game night. We all hung out with sweet fellowship until about 10 then it was bed time for all. 
 Fun times at the bowling alley … we took a selfie trying to kill time waiting on Biz to arrive. Ivy was excited when her sweet friend finally arrived

These girls bowled great! Biz got 3 spares in a row

Ivy got a few spares and a strike
Mommy was shocked at the number of spares and strikes she got … the one on Biz’s was from Lisa too … should have been playing against Chris but he still would have probably beat her

Pool party fun for Eliza’s party day with friends 

Fun time at game night, the littles played in hot-tub and down stairs while we played catan

Saturday was a rainy day thus no horse back and a morning to sleep in, chill out in PJs, and enjoy the morning. These days are rare these days. We stayed in PJs until 10:30 then Lisa ran errands, the girls made Father Day cards, and Chris chilled in his chair watching golf. The rest of the day was much of the same just playing, relaxing, TV watching, staying at home. Ivy ended up inviting Olivia over since she was building up her excess energy and needed someone to help her use it, nothing we suggested sounded fun to her. Lisa cooked Chris the Korean beaf that he requested for dinner on Father’s Day weekend then Olivia’s mom came over for a moms night in the hot tub. It was a low key day full of relaxation for all. 

Sunday morning, we let Chris sleep in as long as he wanted since it was Father’s day. Lisa woke up and started cooking his Father’s Day breakfast he requested. Ivy served him coffee after he got up to perch in his chair again to watch the golf tournament. Ivy climbed up with daddy to give him some snuggles too before breakfast. After breakfast, it was back to watching golf and Ivy took him his gift. We headed to Mimi’s mid morning. Chris settled in to watch the golf tournament there while Lisa and the girls headed down to the pool. Lisa grilled to give Chris the day off from it too. We all enjoyed lunch on the porch then it was back to the pool and golf. Lisa and Ivy ended up riding the golf cart that evening while Chris watched the last couple holes then we headed home. We got baths to chill out for the evening at home. 

Daddy found his spot for the game at Mimi’s too

Lunch at Mimi’s

Dessert time

We enjoyed dinner on the porch too after a day in the pool

Ivy drove mommy around Mimi’s neighborhood before we left in the golf cart

Chris got back in his chair when we got home to watch the basketball game that evening

13 JunSecond Week of Summer 2021: Swim and dive begins, June birthday celebrations, trip to Newnan, Ivy cooked dinner

Monday was sweet snuggles on the coach while mom and dad worked

After work Ivy worked out with mommy

Tuesday the girls were up early to go to horse camp 6:30 – 11. Both mom and dad worked while they were there and was as productive as possible. Momma made banana bread that afternoon at Leia’s request. The girls helped to deliver it to a couple of our senior neighbors that afternoon and and we all got to visit a few minutes with them too. Of course the girlies loved getting to see Scotty during the deliveries. That evening we played a family game of Catan; Ivy won for the first time. It was a great lesson since she cheered for everyone and hoped everyone got resources throughout the game and was always willing to trade even if it did not benefit her. 

Wednesday morning, the girls started swim team (Leia) and dive team (Ivy). Chris had to go into the office all day and that afternoon momma had to go back to work so the girls chilled at the house for most the day.

Wednesday evening we went to the Rhoads’ house for a delayed birthday celebration with uncle Mark since Sara had dance camp the day before and she wanted to be part of the celebration too. 

These ladies were cray-cray blowing things in each others faces

Thursday, the girls did swim and dive again that morning. We all straightened up the house then they got to play/chill while mom and dad worked some more; wish we all got the summer off of work. But that afternoon we all went to support Ivy at her first dive competition. None of us were sure what to expect when we went but went with open minds. Very thankful, momma had grabbed a few snacks even though when she grabbed them she thought she was just weighing her purse down and they would not be ate. Three hours later, they were ate and Ivy was finally doing her dives. As soon as she finished diving and got her reward we headed for a very late dinner. But it was fun watching her do something she enjoyed and Leia decided she might try it too. 

Sweet team and the best fan club for Ivy

Reward time, by this time Ivy was a little tired, hungry, and cold

These girls do amazing! Especially since they all just started and had 2 to 4 days of practice so far

Friday, both girls went to swim and dive; they were in the pool 7:45 until 10:30. We headed to get the Rhoads’ girls afterwards then went to Mimi’s house for Katie’s 12th birthday party and make sure everything was set up. As soon as Katie’s friends arrived at 1, they all were making a splash in the pool again. It was sweet watching the kids play, laugh, and have a good time together. Her friends left at 5 but our girlies were in the pool until close to 6 when we pulled them out to have dinner then head back home. 


Saturday, we headed to Newnan to visit the Requena-Comfort’s before they head to Spain for almost 2 months. We met them at the pool on the drive in and Grandpa/Deedee met us. We were just getting in when it thundered. The thunder ended up closing the pool but we ate at the club house then we headed to Grandpa and Deedee’s to chill a little while before all meeting back up for dinner. The kids went back with Deedee and Grandpa while Lisa/Chris went to hang out with Kelly/Diego at their house. It was nice having some time to talk and fellowship. The kids were going to spend the night at Kelly/Diego’s house but Ivy did not feel comfortable so the little ladies headed back to Grandpa/Deedee’s with us to spend the night. We loved waking up and hearing them laugh, play, and use their imaginations Sunday. 

Alicia had a scavenger hunt for her 10th birthday gifts then the girlies all enjoyed using her cotton candy maker she got

Daddy fell asleep

They continued sugaring up and playing games

Dinner with the 10 of us…the only picture we got was the couple selfies Diego clicked with the little girls but we all had a good time

Little ladies enjoyed breakfast 

Morning fun

We headed back home Sunday midday. On the way Chris said he was not feeling great and had a headache so we took him home then escaped to Mimi’s so he could have a quiet house. There was a impromptu party for Katie’s birthday with family we joined in on too.

Sunday evening Ivy asked could she cook dinner all by herself for everyone. Of course we said sure and let us know if you have any questions or want to call in an assistant. She did amazing! She cooked it all by herself, set the table, and did most the cleanup. Maybe we need to start where the girls cook once a week each

06 JunFirst Week of Summer: simply a time to relax

The first week of summer has passed. We spent a couple days at the beach. The rest of the week we were back home without a schedule and simply enjoyed doing whatever we wanted to do. Chris played in a golf tournament. He played 90 holes of golf in 4 days; more than he has played in over 6 months. The girls spent Tuesday night with Mimi so Lisa could work on Wednesday. They went shopping, helped Mimi in the yard, and got to have a little fun with Mimi. Lisa took the rest of the week off to hang out with the girls. We did not do much at the request of the girls. The girls went  swimming and got to have a friend go with them, we planned swim dates for later, we played games, walked, rode horses, and enjoyed much carpe diem time. Next week we plan to get on our summer schedule but this week we took the needed time to relax and just be … 

* this was the only one picture taken throughout the week since we were in the moment and just enjoying being together

01 JunBeach 2021

The beach drove looked different this year. Normally we all caravan down but everyone was on different time schedules so met for a lupper at Luna’s. Mimi and the Rhoads girls headed down about 9:30. We were the second car, leaving 10:30. Mark was the last to leave a little after 11. First car had time to kill, going by the grocery store, souvenir store, and killing time at the restaurant. The Comforts had time to order an appetizer and Mark arrived to order lupper before making our way to the condo.

Traffic was not too bad on the way but seeing the palm trees knowing your close is always exciting

Annual picture in the crab chairs

The condo is quaint. One room had a king bed, another a queen, and the third had a bunk over a full and trundle. We rearranged so our girls could sleep on the air mattress in out room, unpacked, and most of us headed to the beach. Thankful Chris was up to going to pickup our Walmart order but he headed down as soon as he got back.

The girlies headed to the balcony for selfies while the parents unpacked

There is something peaceful about the ocean! The sound, the salty smell … melts the worries away. We enjoyed the first evening on the beach. We all stayed till well after sunset before heading up to get showers, snacks, and bed. Thankful that we are getting to resume our tradition of a family beach trip after missing last year due to Covid. 

Finally toes in the sand!

Girlies water bound

Dinner on the balcony

Snuggles before bed

Friday morning, we figured out the air mattress was leaking as it was half deflated. Chris was the only one in our room that slept well. Mimi was up before 6 as well. Sara and Katie were in the couch since they had trouble sleeping in the other room. Needless to say we all enjoyed our coffee! After a cup we were good.

Morning snuggles before most people were up

Slowly people started joining up

Coffee with the ocean view is the best

Gang all up

We made the breakfast buffet as the girls call it where everyone gets what they want. It was quite a spread with cinnamon rolls, sausage balls, bacon, chicken sausage, pancakes, and eggs. It have everyone energy to head to the beach.

Breakfast is always more fun to make when you cook it together

The sand between your toes feels so nice. The girls played in the ocean. We went up to the pool. Various times throughout day we walked on the beach. It was a glorious day with all of us enjoying the sun, sand, and breeze.

Girls always think a pool is fun

Boogie boarding fun

Photo ops on the beach


By one o’clock we were all getting hungry. We loaded up the cars and headed to Sara’s pick, Cobalt. It was yummy. The kids went to the pier afterwards to jump off it at the public park. Katie was the first to leap. Sara followed little sister. Ivy went up but got a little nervous and backed out despite doing it last year. Leia was hesitate but decided not to let the opportunity pass and took the leap. We were proud of each of them! The ones who leaped overcame fear; the one who was hesitant bravely climbed down and held her head up strong.

Three of the girls decided they were going to jump. 
Fearless Katie was the first to take the leap 

Sara followed suit while Ivy still pondered. Leia decided she was going to join in on the fun too. 

Leia took the leap but Ivy thought about it too much and backed out but we were proud of her strength to climb down under pressure. Ivy jumped last year and she will again

That afternoon each of us made their way to the beach in our own time. It was more lounging, playing between the beach and pool, an intense game of corn hole between Lisa and Mimi, Mark throwing the ball with Katie, and the girls walking on the beach. Once we had out fill of sand we headed to for showers and fellowship on the balcony listening to music, talking and laughing; sweet simple times.

 Love that Leia enjoyed reading on the beach and splashing in the ocean with Chris and sissy
Chris was taking a picture for the Rhoads’, of course he took a selfie too
Evening fun with playing corn hole … it was a neck and neck game but Lisa came out with the victory

Throwing the ball on the beach

Evening snuggles

Saturday morning everybody woke up at their leisure. Everyone seemed to sleep better, probably due to being beach tired after a full day in the sun. Coffee on the balcony, hearing waves, and watching dolphins jump in the water is pure bliss. Enjoyed the sweet conversations and laughs before breakfast.

What we saw when they figured out momma pulled out a camera
What they really were doing

Everyone got what they requested for breakfast the Mimi and Stacy rooms the kids to the beach, Mark and Lisa went to run/walk, and Chris chilled out with a book. Great start to the day with everyone getting to do what they wanted to do.

We all made it to the beach before lunchtime. There was sand playing, ocean playing, book reading, radio listening … pure out vacation fun … exactly what we plan the next few days to do on repeat. We elected to pick lunch up and eat in rather than going out too.

Mimi made a barrier for the water rushing up since the chairs were a little close to the water

The girls enjoyed playing with Chris in the ocean 
The girls gave up before daddy so mommy joined daddy in the ocean

Beach time = nice time

Love Ivy’s sand-work!!!!

The girls wanted to go shopping after lunch though so we still got out. Mimi and Lisa took them to four stores to find souvenirs. Once they all got what they wanted we stopped by an ice cream shop for a little treat too. Mimi always spoils her girls. Then we headed back to the beach for the rest of the evening.

Treats with Mimi

It was peaceful on the beach as it cleared out and we were shaded with the sun behind the building. Chris and Leia was the last two to join us. We took the opportunity for a few photo ops. Reminisced on previous trips, how Papa would love it on the beach in the evenings, and enjoyed a few laughs good for the soul. Chris and Lisa lagged the rest heading up to condo for showers. We all got snacks for dinner then headed to bed looking forward to doing the next day on repeat.

Photo session in the evening lighting always is nice at the beach

Girls still having fun … these three love pictures


Ivy decided she needed a backbend picture so Mimi joined in with a table top

Which turned into a group photo

Uncle Mark said he could do it too … who did it better???

Leia finally made it to the photo session
Mommy made Leia take a picture; she is not a fan but we know she will want them when she is older

Of course little stuff wanted in the picture too, When Chris arrived we told him to smile for the camera too

Love the candid shoot of Mimi 
Blessed to get this time with family! 

After the photo session these two made up a dance and performed for us

The Comforts were the first ones up in the condo. We were a cup of coffee in by the time Mimi got up. It was a cool 61 degree morning. We snuggled up, had breakfast, and started the day on repeat. Gathering on the balcony, breakfast, and beach/workouts. Sara and Leia joined Lisa working out. Leia decided the beach was calling half way through. So Chris took her to the beach. Sara and Lisa finished up and met everyone at the beach mid-morning.

Mommy and mini me were the first ones on the balcony up so we took selfies for entertainment; Leia was up but vegged out on the couch 

Mimi joined us not too long after we got up
Then aunt Stacy and Katie-bug came out too; loved Ivy’s art work so took a picture to remember it

Love our setup with 4 umbrellas and 12 chairs on the end. Plenty of shade and seats for dry or wet bottoms. Chris took the kids out in the pretzel. Leia finished reading her book. Sara started reading the book. Chris and Lisa walked across the street for seafood. Mark walked across street to go shopping. We all enjoyed the day together.

 Photo op while Lisa, Leia, and Sara was in the fitness room
Gangs all here

Fun in the sand, ocean and getting vitamin D

Uncle Mark had all the monkeys playing football

Sweet Mimi made sure they all had hats before they took off
Katie dug a pretty deep hole in the sand. It trapped Mimi though so we filled it in; thankful Mimi did not get hurt

The evening came and we ordered pizza on the beach at sunset. Although Leia and Ivy was done with the sand and sun so the Comfort crew headed up early to play games and enjoy time on the balcony listening to the waves away from the sticky sand while the Rhoads savored the time on the beach then moved to the empty pools when the beach became too dark without a light. Mimi split her time between us getting the best of both worlds. Before we realized it was time for bed. Another amazing beach day had come to an end.

Game night for the Comforts and beach night for the Rhoads’ 

Memorial Day morning was much like the others. We gathered on the balcony sipping coffee, listening to the ocean, looking for dolphins, and savoring the moments. One funny or compliment was Ivy talking about Mimi’s legs. We were talking about walking on the beach and mentioned we had to tell Mimi to slow down after a mile walk. Ivy says, “Mimi has kid legs”. We giggled and said we needed to tell Mimi when she comes back with coffee. Ivy farther explained, “they look like adult legs but they’re strong like kid legs”. Love the compliment Ivy gave Mimi.

Sweet morning snuggles before anyone else got up

Cooking in the kitchen, dancing to our favorite song …

After breakfast, workouts were skipped to make sure we took advantage of the last beach day. We gathered under the umbrellas. It’s funny the girls all sat to chill. This trip you could tell they are all getting older. There was still ball throwing, ocean playing, beach walking, and sand hole digging but there was less playing, less movement or let’s go time, more time relaxing and reading.

Morning photo ops

Mimi got a photo with the Rhoads’ and Comfort gangs

Then we got one on one pictures of Mimi with each of her grand-girl

Pray we have a bond with our girls the way we have one with Mimi 

Chris loves pictures 😉


The last day we did not go out we elected to stay at the condo and clean out the fridge. There was plenty of stuff for us to make each meal and by eating in we did not have to pack it later to go home. We tried putting the thoughts of it being our last say out of our minds and enjoy the time together. We all say on the beach until sundown. The girls played in the pool afterwards. We had our latest night out for the last night here full of laughs and sweet moments together.

Mimi joined in on the ball fun with Leia

Enjoying the ocean one last time this trip

Chris playing ball with the girls

Pool fun in the afternoon

Tuesday morning the moms/Mimi was up before 6 to enjoy coffee on the balcony. Chris joined us a little after 6. Mark was well on his way home. We spotted dolphins again as we chilled before heading in to pack and load up. We were at “The Breakfast Club” when they opened to fill our bellies and hit the road to get home after a wonderful family trip.

All the ladies were up early to enjoy the last sunrise of this trip
God’s paintings are amazing! 

26 MayLast Day of School, Ivy EOY Party, Leia’s Clap-out

Last day of 5th grade and 3rd grade for our girls 

Last day for Leia to pack her bag to go to elementary school

They are happy to be skipping the half day tomorrow


Ivy’s EOY party was a lesson in Murphy’s Law! We were shorted an item from Chick-Fil-A and only got half the pictures for the craft; thankful Chris came to the rescue and ran both up to the school. The kids still seem to have a great time! Failed to get pictures but it was the first party a parent got to come too and Ivy’s sweet teachers last party sine she was retiring after 31 years teaching. We were thankful she stuck in to teach post pandemic; she was the perfect teacher for our little monkey. After the party we planned on checking Leia and Ivy both out and ending their school year but Leia’s teacher asked if she could stay for their first annual clap out. The 5ht grade class walked around the school while other students cheered and clapped for them; mommy did not want Leia to miss out so went back and checked Leia out a little later to make sure she experienced it. Leia said she would have preferred to be checked out. 

Everyone in Leia’s class signed a “We will Miss You” sign … she loved getting to point to her signature in the upper left corner. Can not believe we will have a middle schooler now

Post school celebration … ice cream treats

24 MayLeia’s 5th Grade VHEW Pool Party

Leia is wrapping up 5th grade with a pool party! We are so proud of all of her accomplishments and the sweet, beautiful young lady she is becoming. Mommy and daddy will miss the convenience of taking both girls to the same school. We imagine Leia will miss being at the same school as her sister and miss the wonderful teachers she has had along the way that have poured into her. As she moves her she will still hold the West motto: West is Best!!???  but ready or not Middle school here she comes …

Leia’s 5ht grade class with the Pizitz Pirate

Thankful to get to see Leia having fun with her friends

Beautiful day for a pool party

Sweet friends

These kids are walking the plank to Pizitz after their last EOY party at VHEW