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  1. Aunt Joy says:

    Hi Chris, I am very happy to hear about your new life change and wish you all the luck with it. This should be very good for you and help improve your health too. I know it has made a fantastic effect with Brian. Good Luck!! Love, Aunt Joy

  2. Ashley Restine says:

    I love my sweet angels and can’t wait to see them again 🙂 this blog is perfect! Hopefully see you before next Tuesday! Love you guys ????

    -“ashwee” your favorite babysitter/ gymnastics teacher/ and new addition to the family ;):)

  3. Ashley Restine says:

    Love you guys !!!!!!!!!!******* not question marks!

  4. John Huckestein says:

    We will be thinking about all of you as we celebrate the birthday of the Crist Child! May God bless you and all your wonderful Family!

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