27 JanAunt Joy and Uncle John’s Visit

We love when aunt Joy and uncle John drive to or from Florida and have time to come visit us for a little bit. The girlies were waiting on them to arrive Saturday morning and celebrated when they heard the door bell ring. Aunt Joy brought them art supplies but mommy/daddy made them wait to paint until after we got back from lunch and playing Top Golf. Aunt Joy had said that they are building one near them and had never been to one so it was good to know what was coming near them. Chris and Joy hit the ball a lot farther than the rest of us but we all enjoyed playing and laughing together and when Ivy got bored uncle John entertained her dancing. The girls could not wait to use their art supplies when we got back home while the adults visited as the girlies showed off their paintings as they finished them. The girls later introduced aunt Joy and uncle John to “Nailed It” and “Sugar Rush” which led to the girls crafting a cake while the adults watched a Hallmark movie. Mommy made them break from their craft when it was time for bed but they did not have to clean up their mess if they wanted to finish it Saturday morning. Before they finished it up the next morning Leia gave mommy sweet snuggles then snuggles with uncle John and aunt Joy when they woke up. Of course, little Ivy joined in the snuggles as soon as she got up while mommy cooked breakfast. We woke Chris up to join us for breakfast then the girlies ran to finish their craft project while the adults finished their meals and visited a little bit before Joy and John got ready to leave. Of course they waited for the girls big reveal of their 3D paper cake before they headed home and we snapped a quick picture even though the girls were not quite ready for them to leave. Thankful aunt Joy and Uncle John got to come stay a evening with us! Hope they get to come back again soon.  

Fun at Top Golf. Chris and Joy showed us all up

Not sure what sweet Leia was talking about with aunt Joy and uncle John but know she loved having them here. Nor am I sure what dance Ivy was teaching uncle John but know she had fun and thankful he entertained our ball of energy while she was not swinging the club.

We enjoyed lunch at Top Golf too

The girls loved the art supplies aunt Joy brought them

We got to share a yummy dinner and dessert with great fellowship

Ivy is our snuggle bug
We all enjoyed watching a Hallmark movie
Leia got in on the morning snuggles, Saturday 
The girls wanted a big reveal on their craft project they made

Group shot before uncle John and aunt Joy left

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  1. Joy says:

    It was such a wonderful visit and we are so glad we can make part of our vacation too! Love, Aunt Joy

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