19 DecVHEW Classroom Christmas Parties

Both the girlies Christmas parties were on the same day since the school principle decided all parties would be the Wednesday before school let out for Christmas break. Lisa was in charge of both parties so they were similar since they both did picture ornaments and played the same game but let the girlies pick the craft for their class and food was total different to try to make each of them special. Also, since they were both in the morning neither little monkey asked to be checked out šŸ™‚

Car packed up and ready to go to the girls parties

Ivy’s craft on the left and Leia’s on the right 

Ivy’s party was at 9:00 so we spread cheer by taking Starbucks up to share with teachers before we started the fun. Mrs Draney got us the media room so we had plenty of room to spread out the games and a row of tables for crafts and snacks. The kids went home with their picture ornament and a plate Christmas tree then we left the prizes for Mrs Draney to use later that day since since we ran out of time to play bingo or pin the nose on Rudolph to win the prizes. 

Leia’s party was a little after Ivy’s right before their lunch time so we decided to a big snack or a pizza party. They came in from recess to start on their photo ornaments and snowman chains before moving onto games and their snack/lunch. We ran out of time for bingo again so left them prizes and game for Mrs Kennamer to play with the kids later that 

Leia stole mommy’s hat and we played during her official lunchtime  

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