02 DecLeia’s 9th Birthday Weekend

Leia wanted to go to Newnan for her birthday to go to SkyZone and Bubbles and Brushes this year so we woke up early Saturday to head that way so she could wake up there on her birthday and do a couple of her birthday activities. As soon as we walked the door at Grandpa and Deedee’s the girls ran to start playing. We fixed a quick lunch between playing before Grandpa and Deedee took them to SkyZone for some fun on the trampolines for a hour and half. That afternoon we watched the first half of the SEC championship before Deedee and Grandpa cooked Leia’s birthday dinner she requested, steak and fires plus brussel sprouts and salad for the adults. Dinner was fabulous! Leia loved her strawberry shortcake Deedee made too; she said it was even better than the one on the ship. Saturday evening we kissed Leia good night for the last time as a eight year old because when she woke up she was nine. Our birthday girl was super excited and woke up at 5:30 (eastern time). Mommy got sweet one on one snuggles before Ivy woke up then the three of us got some snuggles in before the rest of the house woke up. Grandpa went to get our birthday girl donuts so we could sing happy birthday to her for the first time today before she got to open up gifts. She had a blast playing with them before we headed to bubbles and brushes. The girls did a great job painting their pictures and loved their picks.  Ivy added some flare to our Christmas decor by painting Rudolph the red nose reindeer.  Leia painted a gift for Ivy, a unicorn to add to her room decor. We had a low key lunch at Grandpa and Deedee’s and got to play a little more before driving home. The girls had such a big time they both fell asleep on the way home which was good since they were heading home to Leia’s surprise party. Loved seeing her face in shock and delight from having friends and family come to surprise her. Thankful to Mimi and aunt Stacy for setting it up and prepping everything for us to pull off a awesome surprise. The kids had a big time decorating ginger bread houses, playing, opening gifts, enjoyed a taco bar, then we all got sing Happy Birthday to Leia one more time today. We are so blessed to have such a sweet, loving, generous little girl and pray blessings over her all the days of her life. 

 Play time at Deedee and Grandpa’s house

Grandpa and Deedee took the girlies to trampoline park

Deedee and Grandpa cooked a delicious dinner complete with strawberry shortcake 

Play dough fun is always a hit 

Last night snuggling with Leia as a 8 year old 
Leia woke up a 9 year old 
Morning snuggles with our girls while everyone else slept 

Grandpa got donuts for Leia’s birthday breakfast

WE face-timed cousins Adrian and Alicia for them to wish our birthday girl a happy day

She was excited to open their gift Deedee brought back from Spain for her

Leia loved opening her gifts from Deedee and Grandpa too

It was a blast playing with them too

The girlies wanted to make sure they got a few rounds of the rug game in with Grandpa 

Loved the girls choices of art they painted! Ivy added some flare to our Christmas decor by painting Rudolph the red nose reindeer.  Leia painted Ivy a unicorn to add to her room decor. 
The girls had so much fun at Grandpa and Deedee’s they both fell asleep on our way home

SURPRISE, we had a surprise party for Leia when we got home with a few special friends 

Group shot of sweet kids who came to surprise Leia this afternoon

One-on-one shots with the birthday girl

Happy birthday pretty girl

These girlies loved playing with Leia’s new toys  

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