23 SepWeekend fun: Gigi came to visit

We were so excited that Gigi got to come visit and see our house. It is the first time she has come over since we bought this house. We loved having her, Deedee and Grandpa! They could not get here fast enough. The girlies thought Gigi, Deedee, and Grandpa should have come Friday after school so on Friday night to keep mommy and daddy sane from asking how much longer Leia got to spend the night with Mimi while Ivy went to a birthday party then had Ivy spend the night. It was a fun night for the girlies but they said Saturday was the best getting to visit with Gigi. Mimi and the Rhoads wanted to see her too and Deedee needed to try patterns on the Rhoads girls so we decided to have everyone over to watch the Alabama game and golf tournament. It was fun getting to fellowship together; sports is made just to fellowship in Lisa’s mind ;). So a great day and weekend visiting! Wish we could have visited longer; thankful next weekend we will get to visit too since we are going to go visit everyone in Newnan when Kelly makes a quick visit. 

These two monkeys put themselves to bed early but um that may have been a mistake because they woke up and was playing in bed at 5:15 the next morning

These two need some makeup lessons … it was not fun getting this off of their pretty little faces

Meet blue face Ivy and purple face Ivy

Love how these two have kindred spirits and always make everyone laugh when they get together 

So excited Gigi arrived! 
Leia enjoyed showing them her website she is doing for school … we have said she is Chris’s daughter right

Made me smile watching these two play Zingo … of course Ivy may change the rules to ensure she wins (she might have gotten that from her Papa)

We had Mimi and the Rhoads over to watch the game with us so they could visit with Gigi too

We did snap a picture of Gigi with Sara and Katie before they left then we visited on the front porch while our girlies played with the neighbors a little while until it was bedtime
Morning coffee or whip cream for Ivy

We felt so blessed to get to spend time with Gigi, Deedee, and Grandpa this weekend!

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  1. Joy says:

    What a wonderful weekend and know my Mom loved being there too. Love, Aunt Joy

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