09 SepIvy’s Birthday Weekend

Where has seven years gone?!? Ivy is growing up quick. There is no more baby-ish ways about our little firecracker. She is energetic, sweet, stubborn, little girl that adds so much delight, fun, and love to our little family. We were blessed God chose us to be her family seven years ago and pray blessings over her all the days of her life. May she know God’s love and share it with others all the days of her life. 

Saturday she celebrated big with friends and family at Mimi’s pool
Hope Ivy’s birthday wish comes true

Thankful we get to celebrate our sweet little girls birthday with her
Ivy was so excited to get to open her presents from her sweet friends 

As Ivy’s friends left we tried to get pictures of Ivy with all of her sweet friends that came to celebrate Ivy’s big day with her


She got a couple awesome family gifts too

So thankful Ivy has a sweet group of friends and family to celebrate her big day

Thank you Grandpa and Deedee for letting Ivy pick out a bike for her birthday! She was excited to get to pick out one that she wanted and that no one else has ridden.
Sweet sisters having fun with a few of the new toys after Ivy wrote her thank you notes

One of Ivy’s birthday wishes was to do whatever she wanted on her birthday. We tried not to make any suggestions so she would not have any outside influences since she said she never gets to pick what we do all by herself. It ended up that we had a home day; I guess the constant on the go with school and extracurricular activities caught up with her. That evening as we tucked her in she said she had a great birthday. 🙂 

Good morning birthday girl! Mommy went into their room when she heard the monkeys to sing happy birthday day to our birthday girl. Mommy did not wake up daddy since Ivy said she wanted to wake him up
Ivy was excited to wake Chris up as soon as she woke up (mommy normally makes her wait until at least 8) then she was itching to open her presents 
Sunday morning Ivy requested chocolate chip pancakes
The girlies enjoyed playing with the new toys

We have a chef and a doctor
Birthday snuggles and tickles are always fun
Enjoyed lunch with family

Our birthday girl enjoyed playing with neighbors too

Good night birthday girl 

3 Responses to “Ivy’s Birthday Weekend”

  1. Joy says:

    What a wonderful birthday celebration for Ivy! It looked like a fabulous party and lots of gifts too! Love, Aunt Joy

  2. Aunt Dianne says:

    Happy Birthday Ivy!! Looks like you had a very fun day!!!????

  3. Aunt Dianne says:

    Happy Birthday Ivy!! Looks like you had a very fun day!!!????

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