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11 Oct

My name is Chris Comfort.  I live in Birmingham Alabama and I am definitely overweight.  I have never stuck with an exercise regimen or tried to change my eating habits.  This has led to an gradual increase in my weight with little to no change in height since leaving High School.  At 18 I was six feet four inches tall and 200 lbs.  I am now 39 (40 in March 2013) and over 300 lbs.

In December 2004 I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  I started off with eating better but I quickly found myself sliding back into old habits.  I seem to do that time and again.

Early Monday morning (12:30am 12/3/2012) my father-in-law passed suddenly from heart attack at the young age of 58.  It has been an extremely difficult and sad time these past few days as we mourn the loss of a great man and begin to try and pick the pieces up and move forward.

My father-in-law had an aversion to going to the doctor when in pain or sick and definitely was not going for routine checkups or physicals.  There is no assurance that any of these visits would have been able to present the heart attack early Monday morning but they would not have hurt.

One of the things that has been on a lot of our minds is why was he taken from loved ones at such a young age.  What was HIS master plan?

It opened my eyes this week that even when things seem to be go going well (health wise) something unexpected may be lurking around the corner.  I have regular visits that include extensive blood work related to my Type II Diabetes but I have not had a physical in over five years.

My father-in-law’s passing has definitely spurred me into working harder on turning my health around.  My biggest fear, now, is that I leave my family in a similar or worse situation because I did not take actions to help ensure I maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is the third resurrection of this blog. I want it to be the last for I want it to be a living tale of my journey to becoming healthier in many aspects of my life.  I will share the triumphs and failures here and ask for heartfelt comments and encouragement through this journey.

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